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“Whoever stands, pays for food” – Friends Sit in Rain After Meal to Determine Who Will Pick Up the Bill


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Source: TikTok | aizzatzokri17

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Friendships can often be formed for many reasons, be it common interests or even similar goals. Nevertheless, there’s always a unique experience the comes with creating a bond with the people you meet – even if it’s super random.

A recent TikTok video has been making waves online after a Malaysian volleyball coach from Seremban, named Coach Aizzat, shared a moment between himself and his friends at an eatery in Jijan, Nilai Lama. While it may not seem interesting at first glance, the circumstances that followed their outing has grabbed the attention of millions online on his page @aizzatzokri17.

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While eating at the outdoor area of the stall, the group noticed that it had started to drizzle when they were almost done with their meal. In an attempt to make their afternoon more interesting, the friends decided to play a simple yet effective game: Whoever stands and leaves the table first has to pay for everyone’s meal.

“At first, we thought it was just a passing cloud, just a few drops. So we took the gamble and made a deal,” wrote Coach Aizzat in a caption across the video.

Soon after though, a thunderstorm approached the area, leaving the group of friends drenched in the rain. Determined to quite literally weather the storm, the foursome sat and maintained their spots while rain came pouring down. At one point, even the owner of the eatery took a video of the group, as they were the only customers still left at the stall.

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Garnering a massive response online, many people couldn’t help but make jokes at the group’s expense, while others said how they’d love to have a friend group like this.

“This isn’t to actually see who will pay the bill, it’s to make memories. One video to keep and look back on when you miss your friends – now that’s expensive,” wrote one user.

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On the other hand, a few people commented how they could never pull off a stunt such as this, as they’d easily fall sick due to the rain.

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However, a few users also jested in the group’s direction, saying that the store owner himself might have felt bad enough and just paid the bill for them.

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Watch the full TikTok video below:


Cer teka siapa bayar? #kawangiler

♬ La foule – Remastered – Édith Piaf

Okay, we approve the fact that this is major friendship goals!


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