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Former Miss Universe M’sia Harassed By The Same Man Who Followed Her A Year Ago


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Source: Francisca Luhong James | Instagram

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One of the worst things someone could experience is seeing your harasser in public.

That, unfortunately, was the scenario for former Miss Universe Malaysia, Francisca Luhong James.

The beauty queen took to her Instagram account to recall how she had recently stumbled upon the same man who had harassed about a year ago. And this time was no different.

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She wrote, “I got harassed today, by the same person who harassed me nearly a year ago, sometime around KLFW (Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week) season. I never share this in public but I think I should now because this is not the first time and every woman out there needs to be extra careful in this area. What scares me is, if he is a stalker.”


The first time she was harassed by the man was a year ago, when she was waiting for her friends at the Westin Hotel lobby to head to KLFW.

“While I was waiting, there was this man who was dressed like a preacher, who approached me and asked if I was alone; what do I do, where am I from, while trying to look me directly in the eyes. I felt something was off as he kept on trying to talk to me, I was trying to avoid him,”

“But he somehow knew I was alone, so he kept harassing me and asked me if I wanted to have coffee with him or have a chat with him in his hotel room. And it freaked me out so I said no nicely and asked him to leave me alone. But, he didn’t,” she shared.

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Feeling unsafe, she then decided to leave the area and head to KLFW without her friends. Though, unfortunately, the man decided to follow her.

“As I was walking, I realised he was following me from the back when I turned around, he followed me from the traffic crosswalk to the mall (Pavilion Mall) and tried to chase me, he still had the audacity to ask me if I want to hangout,”

“It was damn scary, so I walked faster and reached out to the first person that I saw that I knew at KLFW and he just left after that,” she added.


You would think that that would be the end of it, right? Sadly, wrong. Almost a year later, on January 17, 2023 (Tuesday), he had found her again. 

“Today, 17 January 2023, I was at the Four Seasons Hotel, I had just gotten done with my spa appointment and as I came out from the lift, I was on my phone while heading towards the lobby as I was about to order my Grab but as I just sat on the lobby sofa, I looked infront of me and I saw HIM again,”

“The same person, same outfit just different coloured cloth on his shoulder. The worst part was that I saw him putting something on his neck! Like oil or something,” she wrote.

Out of fear, she then decided to head to the Starbucks outlet in the building and call her friend who knew the Director of Security for the hotel.

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While inside Starbucks, she also explained her situation to the cashier who had then told her to take a seat near the store’s counter. Just as the man appeared to be leaving the building, he saw Francisca sitting inside the Starbucks outlet, came inside and took a seat at the other end of the counter.

“But then, of course, he stood up and decided to come towards the cashier’s side and sat right across from me. So, I put my phone up and avoided direct eye contact but he kept looking at me. Not long after, the Director of Security came and this lunatic left straight away. They tried to chase him but he left the premises really fast,” she explained.

Scared that he could be a stalker, especially considering this isn’t the first time she had to face him, Francisca has since made a police report in regards to the man.


We genuinely hope that she never has to experience such a scary situation again, and that all women out there stay safe from harassment.

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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