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Former 90s M’sian Rockstar Is Now A Rubbish Collector To Support Family During Pandemic



Source: Smule & Harian Metro

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Once part of a ridiculously well-known Malaysian band in the ’90s, Yazid Alias was a rockstar as he sang lead vocals for Sejati, made famous with songs such as Bila Bunga Dipetik Orang and Kerana Menyintaimu.

But now, he makes a living by transporting waste and garbage because due to the pandemic, he no longer receives invitations to perform.

According to Harian Metro, he has changed his career for the sake of supporting his family.

“Every day, starting at 9am, I ride a three-wheeled motorcycle to collect garbage around Kampung Balun and Kampung Balun’s Structured Housing Plan (RPT) for my wages. Every house that hires my services will give me a fee of RM10 a month and there are also those who generously give more after seeing the seriousness of the work I do,” he shared.

The residents there support him as it helps keep the area clean and free of rubbish.

He added that although he was once a popular artiste that is known to many, he is not ashamed of his current work.

“Why be ashamed to transport garbage because this is halal work and I do not care what job is offered as long as it is halal to support my family,”

“I am thankful because I still have a healthy body to work to support my family and during the school holidays, my son, 12-year-old Prince Norsyareza, also helps,” he explained.

After he transports and places rubbish into the bins provided by the local authorities, he also cleans the bins with coconut waste.

“Coconut waste is sprinkled on the platform to remove the smell and absorb the wastewater on the part of the platform before I return to transport the garbage at the residents’ houses. Although this job is a struggle, with the smell of garbage, for the sake of survival, I go it to support my family.”

“I am calm and happy with the job I am doing now and most importantly, I am able to be independent for my family,” he added.

Sharing some advice for up and coming musicians and artists who are trying to make a name for themselves, he urges them to save money for the future, that no matter how high on a pedestal you may seem now, sooner or later all things come to an end which requires preparations.

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Source: Smule
Source: Harian Metro
Source: Info Awam

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