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Foreign Investment Broker Kidnapped & Robbed by Fake Police Officers in Broad Daylight in Kuantan


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Source: 关丹台 Kuantan Complaint King | Facebook

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It’s truly scary to know that kidnappings and robberies can still happen in broad daylight, in public places.

A foreign investment broker had to endure a terrifying 8 hours, after he was kidnapped by men posing as police officers in Kuantan, Pahang, and robbed of his belongings and money from his bank account.

The incident, which was caught on camera, was shared by the 关丹台 Kuantan Complaint King Facebook page.

Kidnap 1

They wrote, “3 fake police officers kidnapped a person on a street in Kuantan, causing a horrifying 8-hour experience for a foreign investment broker. After taking all of his wealth, he was abandoned at a cemetery.”


The kidnapping took place in front of a restaurant at Jalan Wong Ah Jang, Kuantan. 

The 24-year-old foreign investment broker from China was with his girlfriend at the sidewalk of the restaurant as they were waiting to meet a client on May 2 (Thursday).

Prior to this, the couple had never met the client and had only held discussions through WhatsApp.

Kidnap 2

Kidnap 3

“After waiting for 10 minutes, 3 men wearing masks approached them and present an ID claiming to be police officers. The victim was then handcuffed and taken to a silver Perodua Bezza,” shared Kuantan District Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wan Mohd Zahari Wan Busu.

In the video, the foreign investment broker could be seen struggling against the 3 men and shouting for help, with his girlfriend attempting to help him.

Kidnap 4

Kidnap 5

Though, the fake police officers managed to push the girlfriend away and take off in their vehicle with the foreign investment broker in tow.

According to a report by Sin Chew Daily, the 3 fake police officer took the foreign investment broker to a residence where he was gagged and robbed out of RM3,000 in cash and his IPhone 14 Pro Max. They also then emptied his bank account containing RM18,000 before dumping him at a cemetery at Jalan Bukit Ubi, Kuantan.

We genuinely hope that the authorities will quickly identify and apprehend the suspects involved.

You can check out the footage of the kidnapping here.

Would you have stepped in to help the victim if you were there to witness the scene? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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