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Emotional China Tourist Says She Won’t Return to Singapore Anymore Due to the Amount of Pigeons There


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Source: Xiao Hong Shu (RED) | a阿艺不是阿姨

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Everyone struggles with their respective fears. Some are afraid of cockroaches while others run away at the sight of lizards. A tourist from Sichuan, China recently cried and said that she would never visit Singapore again.

No, don’t get us wrong. The fearful tourist didn’t make her decision because of pests but thanks to a flock of pigeons, she decided that Singapore was just not the place for her. In her Xiao Hong Shu post @a阿艺不是阿姨 which has been re-shared on social media and the Facebook page ILifePost 爱生活, the tourist cried as she tried to get her bag from her seat at the food court.

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“How can I stand this? When I was eating, the pigeon on the floor came running to me, and I could see all kinds of pigeons here!” she cried while pointing to her bag that was “trapped” on the table.

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Due to the presence of the pigeons that just “wouldn’t let her go”, the fearful tourist described the food court as a huge breeding ground for pigeons.

“They’re everywhere, and this is NOT the 1st time. I can’t even accept if the pigeons are 3 metres away from me.”

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The tourist continued to sob in her video and warned others about the presence of the birds in the food court while explaining her fears of pigeons.

“I have really tried my best. I’ve been afraid of them my whole life and I don’t know why,” she cried.

According to a report, some of the hawkers at the premise remembered the tourist well due to her reaction. According to them, the tourist was there last Friday (April 12) and many thought she was crying because she had lost her way.

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1 of the janitors of the food court approached her to help because she thought the tourist was lost.

“I had only realised that she was afraid of the pigeon after I approached her. From what I could remember, there was only 1 pigeon under her table,” the janitor explained.

Pigeons are one of the “uninvited regular customers” at food courts and in a worst-case scenario, crows also join the crowds at times. Do you leave the birds alone, or do you shoo them away? 


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