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Eating Bananas To Buying Bras – Here Are 12 Things M’sian Women Feel Awkward Doing in Public


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Source: Parents & 24Local

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It’s about time we do something about this. 

Women have to go through plenty of obstacles in life. One of the major concerns is the constant worry and fear that we feel, whenever we go out.

Buzzfeed once came out with a list of things that women do that may appear normal to others but is uncomfortable for them, especially in front of men.

Curious, we decided to interview our fellow Malaysian women to ask if they felt the same and to share their own experiences. Here’s what we got:


1. Buying sanitary pads, Morning-After pills and bras

Plan B E1640844477439

We’re in 2024, it’s still a common occurrence for other people to stare when a woman is buying birth control pills as if she had done something wrong.

Even buying undergarments and sanitary pads can sometimes be embarrassing for women as we feel as if we are being judged.

Whenever I go out to buy my monthly pads, I somehow have this urge to hide it. Even though it’s already in a plastic bag!” – Nabila, 20, Kedah


2. Riding public transport alone

Waiting For Train E1640842465581

As our public transport is often cramped with people which already make things uncomfortable, it is worse for women with the added fear of being harassed.

There was one time I was on the LRT, and suddenly this guy started coming closer and closer. Thank god nothing happened and I got off safely” – Sofea, 21, Selangor


3. Having your period

Period Calendar E1640852763458

It is normal for women to have their periods every month. But, people sometimes make talking about it seem like such a problem.

There was one time I told a friend I couldn’t fast (during Ramadhan), and he made such a big deal out of it saying why should you tell people about it. I was confused and now I feel cautious talking about my period anymore” – Nurul, 23, Perlis


4. Walking past a group of men or climbing staircases with men around

Staring E1640843669983

As a woman, walking alone is already 1 thing, but having to walk pass a group of men, especially when you feel as if their eyes are following you, just makes it 10 times worse!

Whenever I walk pass men or go up the stairs, I always feel like they are staring at my butt. I hate it!” – Iqa, 22, Selangor


5. Having a bubbly personality

Bubbly E1640921349210

Different personalities are what make humans individually unique. It wouldn’t be fun if we all were to behave the same way and act the same way, right?

Sometimes whenever I show concern or just being friendly, people often mistake it as flirting. There was one time I was just being myself, then the next moment dude was pushing me into being with him. Hello, I’m just trying to be nice, nothing else” – Afi, 24, Perak


6. Eating bananas, lollipops or popsicles

Popsicle E1640917095604

Who would have expected that eating a fruit or a snack can be uncomfortable in public? There are a number of women who feel cautious when bananas, lollipops or paddle pops in public.

I actually had this one phase where I never ate bananas, lollipop and paddle pops outside. Whenever I do I always feel like people are staring and give that dirty look. Can’t I just eat my fruit and snacks in peace?” – Elly, 25, Selangor


7. Big breasts or small breasts

Body Positivty E1640852420815

Breasts are a part of every woman’s anatomy. However, the range of sizes and shapes of breasts and how people react to them have made women feel uncomfortable with our own breasts.

This is what I don’t understand. When someone has big breasts, they tell us to cover it. But when someone has a slightly smaller one, they would still say bad things about it. I can’t even go out peacefully without not being cautious about my breasts” – Sya, 22, Kedah


8. Going to the gym or working out in public

Gym E1640853226595

Girls also want to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. But, it seems as if we can’t do it without having any concerns since there are many instances which make us feel uncomfortable, especially with our curves moving about with us.

Going to the gym and being the only woman there makes me aware of every movement. Now I just choose to workout at home, which is SUPER NOT FUN cause I don’t have enough equipment” – Nuwa, 23, Kuala Lumpur


9. Talking or laughing loudly

Laughing E1640921538950

Girls just wanna have fun, am I right? We want to live our lives to the fullest but it seems that some people think that we all need to be graceful and “womanly”.

Okay, I’m the type who can’t control my voice and whenever I laugh honestly it’s quite loud. But do they need to stare whenever I do so? I’m just chilling with my friends, what’s wrong with that?” – Anne, 21, Penang


10. Mechanics

Mechanics E1640860991485

There’s this stereotype where women lack knowledge on automotive and vehicles, which then leads to plenty of cases of women getting scammed at mechanics. It’s either that or we face sexism where the mechanic would only want to talk to your husband or father!

Whenever I go to the mechanics, they always seem to ask like oh where is your husband, where is your father as if I know nothing. And knowing the fact that I have a higher chance of getting tricked/scammed just because I’m a girl sometimes worries me” – Fatiha, 22, Pahang


11. Wearing skirts

Skirt E1640853164738

From skirts to dresses, many girls actually feel wary whenever they wear one.

I often wear skirts and when I do, I tend to avoid the stairs or escalators. Wouldn’t want anyone looking up my butt. Sometimes I even cover it by holding my bag there” – Ain, 23, Selangor


12. Sitting

Sitting E1640919314845

Quite a number of girls are still cautious when it comes to sitting outside or in public, as they feel as if people will judge them and stare at them.

As someone who is quite chubby, I get SUUUPER cautious of my body whenever I sit. Yeah rolls are normal but sometimes I suck in my tummy and honestly, it’s getting tiring. I’m kind of worried what if they see my tummy” – N, 24, Melaka


Women should feel comfortable and safe wherever they are. Lets make a change for the better and make Malaysia a safe place for everyone!


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Source: Parents
Source: TechArp
Source: MNYC
Source: 24Local

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