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“Don’t want Indian or Punjabi business” – M’sian Property Agent FIRED After Being Racist & Rude


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Source: @kalvinderks_ | Twitter

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Malaysian Indians are tired of having to endure the unjust landscape of the rental market. And what makes this situation even more disappointing is the fact that racism in this market has become a common thing, with no consequences in sight.

Well, it looks like that might be changing.

Netizen, @Kalvinderks_ (Kalvin), took to her Twitter account to call out a property agent for being rude and racist.

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She wrote, “I don’t normally do this but this is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Contacted a property agent, his response was fine initially, but immediately after obtaining my name and race, he was rude. When I questioned him, see (for yourself) what he said. He blocked me right after.”


In the conversation, Kalvin told the property agent that he should remain polite when conversing with her.

He decided to react by telling her that he didn’t want to work with Indian or Punjabi people in the first place.

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“You could have answered that nicely. Not by being rude. So arrogant but without a reason,” she said.

He responded with, “This is my suggestion. If in your point of view it’s rude then I have no idea. (Think) whatever you want to think.”

“From (the) beginning, I also don’t want to do Indian or Punjabi business.”

He then blocked Kalvin.


Is action finally being taken? 

In a highly appreciated move, the property agent’s agency, IQI Global, has since terminated his employment with them. They took to their Twitter account to share the news.

“After investigation and given (agent’s name) admission of the facts of the issue, we have terminated (agent’s name) with immediate effect and he no longer acts as an agent of IQI,”

“We have a very diverse group of staff and agents from different countries including Malaysia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Australia, China, Cambodia, and Canada. We are strongly opposed to any form of discrimination and do and will continue to respond to it strongly,” they shared.


For the longest time, there have been close to no action being taken against property agents who are racist. That appears to be changing. Viva la 2024. 

We genuinely hope that this becomes a lesson for the many property agents out there who are still operating with discriminatory and racist mindsets.

What do you think about this? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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