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“Don’t talk to girls” 20yo Girl Lists 5 Criteria She Wants In New Boyfriend After Her Ex Left Her


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When looking for a significant other, most of us would have a list of qualities that we are looking for in that person. Many of us would feel lucky just to find THE ONE, but at the same time, no one is perfect and it’s not all the time that we get to meet someone who ticks every item on our list. But if the criteria on your list is somewhat ridiculous and unrealistic, you might have some trouble finding a partner.

On 18 November, a 20-year-old girl made a post on UTAR Confessions in the hopes of finding a new boyfriend. She briefly talked about herself in the first few lines and then listed five criteria she is looking for in a boyfriend.

She wrote:

  • Me, a 20-year-old girl. Looks 7-8 (out of 10 points, not 100 points)
  • I am 151cm tall and cute
  • Hobbies – watching TikTok videos and watching movies

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The girl then wrote that any guy who is interested in her can react to the post so that she can contact him and went on to list the “conditions” that she was looking for.

The guy has to:

  1. Not talk to girls
  2. Show me his Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram
  3. Take me out
  4. Want to talk with me
  5. Follow me on everything (probably referring to her social media platforms)

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Justifying the reasons for such a list, the girl then explains the kind of guy her ex-boyfriend was.

  • He’s a playboy. He always chats with girls and often abandons me. He doesn’t answer all my calls, even if I call more than 10 times. So, I don’t allow him to talk to other girls, he emotionally cheated on me!
  • He often makes me upset, taking sexy photos and creating secret accounts on social media.
  • He is very selfish (for example: he always complain about me to his friends. I just want his FB, IG, WeChat and WhatsApp password, but he has not taken the initiative to give them to me. He did not give the passwords to me, and complain to his friends, told them that I controlled him and don’t give him freedom. I was very upset when I knew about that).
  • He emotionally abused me, every time I call, he doesn’t answer it! It drives me mad! Even if there are more than 10 calls, boyfriends must always answer the phone calls of his girlfriend.

“I’m very disappointed in him, he decided to disappear. Therefore, those who are interested in me must not make the same mistakes as my ex-boyfriend!” she wrote at the end of her post.

Well, safe to say that this girl has some really ‘high standards’. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below!


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