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Don’t Know How To Use Your Signal? This Course Might Just Be For You



Source: Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia | Facebook & Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia

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One of the things that infuriates Malaysians on the road, is the fact that most of us don’t use our signals.

Why signals are so underutilised?

Well, if you’re not using your signal because you’ve forgotten its purpose, or missed out on that chapter during your driving lessons, the Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) took to their Facebook page to invite the general public to a complimentary crash course on how to use your signal.

(Disclaimer: it’s just a joke to remind people to use their signals!) 

They wrote, “Don’t know how to use your ‘signal’? Have a hand but don’t know how to move the hand to make the ‘signal’ work? You signaled to the left but moved to the right? Maybe you need to attend this course to re-learn how to signal.”

They went on to specify that all vehicle types are welcomed, regardless of whether your vehicle is expensive or affordable.

“Together, let’s all ‘signal’ when turning on the road for the safety of ourselves and others. Spread the word and tag your friends who need this course,” they added.

The course is apparently open to any Malaysians who are characterised as “lazy to use hands even though they have hands, regardless of the vehicle”, and will teach the basics on how to use your signals, how to differentiate between left and right turnings and how to use your side mirrors.

They even threw in a bonus course on how to identify OKU parking spots!

But all jokes aside, we Malaysians really need to start utilising our signals. After all, they’re there for a very good reason.

Do you know anyone who needs this course? Tag them in the comment section. 


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