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“Don’t convert currency” – M’sian Says Cost of Living in SG is Lower than in M’sia But Overtime Culture is Bad


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Over the years, many Malaysians have expressed interest in settling down in Singapore but the high living cost has got them reconsidering the plan. A Malaysian who has been staying in Singapore for 10 years said the living cost in the country is not as high as many have perceived.

The cost of living in Singapore is lower than in Malaysia

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In a story shared on the Facebook page of Humans of KL, the unnamed Malaysian woman said the key is NOT to convert the currencies. Dollar to dollar, ringgit to ringgit.

“If you make SGD2,000 (approximately RM7,040) a month and you want to spend SGD200 (approximately RM704), you can easily get luxury brands here.”

Things, however, are not the same in Malaysia. You would have to make 3 times your salary if you want to spend on an RM600 bag as someone who makes RM2,000.

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With her husband’s salary combined, the married pair make over SGD6,000 (RM21,100) a month. A few years back, they bought an apartment unit for SGD90,000 (approximately RM316,591) through the Housing and Development Board (HDB), and they consider themselves lucky because not everyone is lucky to get a shelter for SGD90,000.

“We only have to fork out SGD276 (RM970) per month in cash for our half-loan (NOT full loan), while the rest is paid using our CPF accounts.”

She highlighted that despite being married, there is actually “leftover” money for savings and personal spending, thanks to these parts that save them a lot, financially.

  • SGD150 food voucher
  • SGD150 voucher for local supermarkets

“We don’t have cars, and we don’t need one. The public transport here is more than capable of getting us to our destination.”

The woman said that life in Singapore is more comfortable if the currency is not converted, adding “The standard of living is higher, and we enjoy a more secure and stable lifestyle.”

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“Killer” lurking in Singapore

Despite the lower cost of living and high living standard, most Singaporeans are unfortunately struggling with the working overtime culture, which the woman calls a “killer”. To catch up with the fast-paced environment, she has to work on weekends at times to finish her workload.

“However, more companies are promoting work-life balance. I do miss Malaysia, but I don’t regret my choices.”

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She also said that she missed her family in Malaysia, as well as the working culture here but regardless, she is still happy with the choices she made to live in Singapore, especially after taking into consideration the pros and cons.

To our Malaysian friends who have settled down there, do you agree that the cost of living is lower there?


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Source: Al Jazeera
Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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