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Dear Drivers, Here’s What 5 Major Road Signs in M’sia Look Like & Mean When You’re Behind the Wheel


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Source: ExpatGo & New Straits Times (NST)

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While most individuals who drive on a day-to-day basis wouldn’t bat an eyelash when manoeuvring their cars on the road, this common practice isn’t something to be undermined in any way, no matter how frequently one operates their vehicle.

Despite that, how many of us can truly say that we know and understand every major type of road sign on Malaysian roads? At the end of the day, driving is a privilege, not a luxury. Knowing what many would consider basic knowledge on this practice can be crucial, not just for your own safety, but for others on the road as well.

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Here’s what every major road sign in Malaysia looks like and means:


1. Warning Road Signs

While it may seem pretty self explanatory at first glance, warning signs are meant to provide information on road conditions in front of or adjacent to us, which could be dangerous for road users. In the simplest way possible, these signs act merely to alert you of possible dangers ahead.

Malaysian warning signs are either diamond-shaped or rectangular, being either yellow, black, or red and white in colour.

Here are examples of these designated signs and their respective meanings in short:

Img 4633

Among some of the signs within this category also include that of priority signs, which are intended to clarify which drivers have the right of way at junctions or roads ahead.

This can include STOP signs, or known more as “BERHENTI” in Malaysia, roundabout signs, or even an inverted triangle sign which directly stipulates to “Give Way” or “BERI LALUAN” to other drivers.

Img 4634









2. Mandatory Road Signs

Mandatory road signs, or instruction signs as known to specific individuals, are as it suggests: you have to carry out this specific road task, it is not an option or advice. Arguably the most important sign on Malaysian roads, these markers need to be adhered to and understood by all drivers. In a small way, these signs act as a method to ensure that one abides by traffic rules and regulations.

At large, these signs are round with blue backgrounds and white pictograms. Occasionally, they can be rectangular in shape, and also include signs for specific vehicle type lanes, such as bicycles, rickshaws, motorcycles, and trishaws.

Here are examples of these designated signs and their respective meanings in short:

Img 4638


3. Information Road Signs

The overall view of information road signs may seem self-explanatory, but they actually provide distinct clarification for certain paths and locations. Information road signs are generally used to supply users with details and particulars of a road they are using, and the road ahead.

A common example of these road signs include where a motorway begins or ends, a pedestrian crossing, permitted parking, U-turns, or even specific destinations such as medical centres and petrol stations. For drivers who have been driving for awhile, looking out for Rest & Recuperation (R&R) signs will be beneficial too. Overall, these signs are mostly blue in colour, though some are white and green.

Here are examples of these designated signs and their respective meanings in short:

Img 4636


4. Prohibition Road Signs

Falling under a category of regulatory signs, prohibition road signs are unique as the inverse of mandatory road signs. If you see these signs, it means that you are not allowed to perform the task which the sign forbids. Often times, this sign is used to restrict certain types of vehicles, types of manoeuvres, or setting maximum speed limits.

In Malaysia, these signs are round with red outlines, white backdrop, and black pictograms, with some including blue and yellow backgrounds too. With the exception of vehicle weight, width, and height limits, most of these signs have a strike across them with a red line to signify its disallowance.

Here are examples of these designated signs and their respective meanings in short:

Img 4635


5. Temporary Road Signs (special inclusion!)

Temporary road signs are not considered to be part of the main road guides, but are just as important in the grand scheme of signs to be understood by drivers on the road. These temporary road signs are almost always used to convey that a road is undergoing construction or maintenance services.

These signs are usually orange and black in colour, and can be diamond-shaped or rectangular.

Here are examples of these designated signs and their respective meanings in short:

Img 4637


There you have it, here are the important road signs to remember! Did you know all of these road signs before this? Which ones are you learning to understand for the first time? Let us know!


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