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Dad in Sabah Confronts Teacher Who Punished His Son for Smoking Weed, Says “weed is normal”


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Source: Facebook | 沙巴爆周刊

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If you violate the rules of the school as a student, you should expect to be punished, and NOT hope for backup.

A student at a secondary school in Sabah, however, was not happy about being punished after he was caught smoking weed in the toilet. Bernice (pseudonym) reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ and shared what took place when the punishment reached the attention of the student’s father, who was also NOT happy that his son was punished.

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According to Bernice, the student was expelled earlier but returned to the school yesterday (January 29) to sit for his SPM papers.

“The student is known as a troublemaker at school. He infused the weed into his vape, but was caught red handed.”

When the student was exposed, the teacher refused to let the student sit for his SPM papers as punishment. He then contacted his dad and when the father reached the school, the situation escalated, not before the father asked to let his son continue the exam because weed “was just a small matter”.

The student also tried to defend himself but the father interrupted, saying,

“Save yourself the explanation! They won’t listen and won’t understand!”

When the father asked to speak to the family of the student who exposed his son, his request was denied and here’s when things escalated. He raised his voice at the teacher, based on a video which has been shared on the Facebook page 沙巴爆周刊.

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“You guys can talk to my son here, but I can’t talk to the student’s family out there?!”

He also intimidated the person who recorded the video to call the police. Bernice told WORLD OF BUZZ that everyone involved in the scene was taken in for questioning and investigation.

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Regardless, as parent, we should never caused a scene at public places, especially where young generations are watching.


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