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“Covers insurance, servicing & floods?!” Here’s Why M’sians Need To Know About Car Subscription & Save Money!


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It’s the season for ONG once again! Though we’re all a little more wary this Chinese New Year (thanks, world economy), we refuse to let that bring down our yearly celebration with friends and family.

If you’re like us, looking for new ways to minimise your finances for the tumultuous new year, then it might be worth considering an alternative way to “own” a car: by signing up for a “car subscription service”!


“What’s ‘car subscription service’? Like Netflix ah?”

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Hmmm, not that far off, actually! A “car subscription service” is basically a hassle-free all-inclusive subscription program that lets you drive a new car at a fixed monthly rate. It sounds like a rental, but it’s actually so much more than that – your fixed monthly payment actually covers car maintenance, road tax and motor takaful/insurance renewal too! So convenient!

More importantly, you memang want to know how subscribing to a car actually benefits us in the long run, kan? Well, there are actually plenty of good reasons to opt for it!


Here are 5 reasons why you should subscribe to a car!

1. Downpayment? Got such thing???

Unlike buying a brand-new car, car subscription services don’t require any HUGE downpayments, making it a great option for those who want to own a sweet new ride without any HUGE upfront payments. At most, you’ll only have to fork up a one-month security deposit in advance that’s 100% refundable when you decide to stop subscribing – no fuss, no muss!


2. One payment every month = zero worries

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Since your monthly subscription service is all-inclusive, with both periodic wear-and-tear and preventive car servicing, road tax and insurance (both new and renewal) included, you can rest assured knowing you’ll only have a fixed amount to pay every month and enjoy your car as it is, with zero hang-ups.

On top of that, in case there’s any car loss caused by accidents or thefts, you won’t have to bear the shocking financial burden that comes with it! The car subscription plan’s GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) would take care of your remaining subscription with no penalty, and even offer a replacement car as compensation.

Say gao bie (告别, means “farewell”) to sudden major payments you have to dig up your savings for!


3. Drive a new different car more often!

If you can drive a new car every two or three years with zero consequences, would you do it? We confirm say yes lah, and a car subscription lets you do exactly that! Once the subscription period for your current car is up, simply swap it for a brand new car or model and you’re good to go. Plus, if you didn’t make any insurance claims during your last subscription, you’ll even get to enjoy a No Claim Discount (NCD) and save more! Pretty ons, right?


4. No need to stress about selling your old car

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Did you know that the moment your swanky new car leaves the sales center, its value drops 9-11%? And that number keeps increasing until the day you sell the car! Which is why subscribing for a car is the next best solution, so you don’t have to deal with selling your car at a depreciated price! After finishing your subscription, all you need to do is return your current car and choose the next one you want to drive! No need to bear such a huge loss! 


5. Save even more for businesses!

For business owners who rely on car usage, it’s actually more frugal to subscribe to a fleet of cars than own them. Subscribing for cars not only reduces your credit exposure, but the monthly subscription payment is also tax deductible for companies! It’s an awesome way to be financially afloat while staying mobile.


All the benefits of driving a new car, without having to own one

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It feels like forever since we’ve been told that driving a car = costly long-term commitment. Fortunately, with the availability of car subscription services in Malaysia, everyone – including us youngsters(?) – can finally drive our very own brand new car without the baggage that typically comes with owning one. It’s truly another viable option for Malaysians looking to lead a #minimalist lifestyle and is also a great option for parents to get cars for their children without denting their own credit rating.

In fact, with CNY celebrations just around the corner, here’s a car subscription promo that we think is worthy of your attention this new year!

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From as low as RM538/month, KINTO ONE is offering lower subscription fees for the first THREE months, giving you the chance to balik kampung in a shiny new Toyota Yaris, Toyota Vios E&G or Toyota Corolla Cross!

If you’re wondering who/what/why KINTO ONE is, they’re a personal medium-term car subscription-based programme by Toyota Capital Malaysia, with an almost-worldwide presence from North and South America all the way to Europe and Asia. They’re also the first in the world to introduce an Islamic-based car subscription program, so that ALL financially-savvy Malaysians can enjoy this service!

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Aside from the above cars we listed, KINTO ONE actually offers a wide selection of Toyota and Lexus vehicles for every type of driver. Whether it’s the family-focused Toyota Vellfire, the eco-friendly Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric, or the luxurious Lexus RX300, there’s definitely a car that’s perfect for anyone!

Kintocny Yaris
Toyota Yaris

Kintocny Corolla Cross
Toyota Corolla Cross

Kintocny Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

No more resorting to car purchasing! It’s time to switch to a hassle-free car subscription service for even more peace of mind~

For more information on KINTO ONE and its offerings, simply drive over to their website.


Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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