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“Company from hell” – Boss Tells M’sian to Pay RM700/mth Ad Boosting Despite His RM600 Salary


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Source: X | onlyyouperson

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It’s not surprising that it’s almost impossible to avoid feeling mistreated at some point at work. But what should you do if your boss treats you badly?

In a recent viral tweet by user @onlyyouperson, he opened up about his experience working at a company that he describes as a “company from hell”.

In the posted tweet, the man shares how the company made it compulsory to spend RM700 on boosting ads every month. He also mentioned that there was a specific month when he received RM600 but still had to top up an additional RM100 from his own pocket for the ad boosting.

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In the shared conversation between the man and his co-workers, one colleague reminded him of the expectations, as he had mentioned not doing any ad boosting that month.

“I already mentioned during your interview that ad boosting every month is RM700. Why aren’t you following instructions?”

The co-worker even went on to threaten the man, asking if he wanted a warning letter issued. Another colleague jumped into the conversation to convey that the man’s reasons for not boosting ads were unacceptable.

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The man also mentioned that he was supposed to submit a daily report before 7 pm. If it’s handed in later than that, there’s an RM10 charge labelled as a “sales fund.”

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“I make RM1500 per month, but since I just started working in the 11th month, for half of the month, the 12th month’s salary has already been deducted for SOCSO and EPF, leaving me with only RM600. Having recently married and incurred significant expenses, it’s not sufficient to allocate RM700 monthly for boosting ads.”

He also mentioned that he was instructed to double the ads boosting for the following month, totalling up to RM1,400, even though such a rule wasn’t written in his offer letter.


Netizens found this situation quite intriguing, prompting them to flood the comment section.

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“It’s crazy how they’re expecting staff to use their own pocket money to boost ads. They should have given the RM700 upfront for that; failing to do so should be the only reason the staff is reprimanded. The RM1,500 salary should be at the staff’s discretion for personal needs.”


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“The company is using employees’ money to boost ads? Can’t they use the company’s funds?”


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“You should go straight to the labour department. What you’re going through right now is beyond bad.”


You can read the full thread here.


Being treated unfairly at work can be frustrating. However, it can also be an opportunity to build resilience not just toward others but also for your own peace of mind.

What do you think of this situation? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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