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CM Introduces ‘Plogging’ to Make Penang M’sia’s Greenest State, Here’s What It Means



Source; NST

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I’m sure the majority of us have gone jogging at least once in our lifetime, whether as a hobby or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, I bet you haven’t heard of a new term called “plogging” before. Can you guess what it means? 

In conjunction with Environment Day 2018, the Penang state government will be introducing “plogging” to encourage more people to take part in this movement, according to The Sun Daily.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow explained that “plogging” is an activity that combines jogging and picking up rubbish. Yup, so you can kill two birds with one stone! 

It is a new activity that was adopted by European countries to introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle to the public in order to keep the environment clean.

Source: Time 8

The Penang Chief Minister together with other state leaders reportedly went plogging yesterday (June 10) at the Taman Tunku recreational park in Seberang Jaya. They went around picking up trash in the park while carrying upcycle bags made out of buntings and posters, according to Free Malaysia Today.

“Apart from getting some exercise, what’s wrong with picking up some rubbish along the way and keeping the environment clean? The Penang City Council (MBPP) has also started this activity on a small scale,” he said.

“The goal is to raise public awareness and bring the message to the community that the effort to safeguard and preserve the environment is a shared responsibility.”

Source: NST

He had mentioned this to reporters at the “Plogging Together with the Chief Minister” programme at Taman Tunku yesterday (June 10).

The programme was in line with the World Environment Day’s theme this year, which is “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

“We may feel that this (plastic) problem has nothing to do with us, that it is far out at sea, away from us. But where do all these plastic waste come from? They come from all of us.”

“There is plastic waste in playgrounds, on the roads, in front of houses, shops and schools. We need to manage waste disposal properly. Plastic that isn’t picked up will be carried in the drains, flow down to rivers, and eventually out to sea,” he said.

Chow then added that the programme had garnered an overwhelming response from the public with some inquiring if something like this could be organised on the island as well.

Source: FMT

During his speech, Chow said that the Penang Green Agenda is currently looking into developing a good framework and action plan in order to uphold a sustainable development paradigm and battle any global climate change issues.

He added that with an innovative governance and sustainable development agenda by 2030, Penang aims to become the greenest state in Malaysia, reported New Straits Times.

“By 2050, Penang will become a high-income, caring, inclusive, low-carbon and resilient state that emphasises on the integrity of the people as well as the environment,” he said.

Now that you know what “plogging” is, would you be willing to give it a try? If you love jogging, then join Penang in their cause to be a part of Environment Day 2018! #SaveMotherEarth


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