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Cattos Caught Trying To ‘Ponteng Puasa’ After Stealing Gardenia Bread From Owner



Source: @hhungryHan | Twitter

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Looks like Gardenia lives up to its “sedap dimakan begitu sahaja” tagline, even the cats love it.

These two felines were caught red-pawed on camera after attempting to retrieve a pack of bread from the dining table. In a video posted by the owner @hhungryHan, she wrote,

“I just saw these 2 creatures trying to skip puasa (fasting). Please where can I report them to?”

According to the owner, Hani Syakirah explained that she worked from home and happened to coincidentally spot her two fur kids Zorro and Yuno in the act. She managed to record the incident and posted it via Twitter, garnering netizens’ attention at how stealthily the cat with black fur which resembled a bandit mask- akin to the titular character Zorro, managed to steal the pack of bread.

The plan was, however, not executed alone as Zorro had an equally mischievous accomplice tag along with him. It looked as if Yuno was on the lookout while Zorro attempted the thievery. Unfortunately, their attempt was abruptly foiled after their owner caught them. But we have to admit, the whole ordeal was indeed very adorable.

Users in the comment section also shared their thoughts on the cats’ antics,

“They thought it would be halal to steal the bread but to no avail. This meow is so naughty”

They’re young but already good at stealing, but the problem is their theft was so cute”

“It probably thinks that wearing a mask will prevent it from being recognized by anyone”

Hopefully, these two cuties can get a little taste of that Gardenia bread. After all, nobody can ever stay mad at cats for too long, especially after seeing how their attempt failed so miserably.


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