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“Career-oriented women tend to be lesbians” KKM Strikes Again With Article On Homosexuality



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The Ministry of Health (KKM) recently came under fire for an article on the official MyHealth portal under the Malaysian Ministry of Health titled ‘Emotional Impact On Sexual Harassment Victims’. In the article, it listed physical attractiveness, a charming personality, and a sexy and attractive body shape as a factor that causes sexual harassment.

Fresh off the controversy, another article has been unearthed from the KKM archives, this time about Lesbian and Homosexual Women. The article has been removed from KKM’s website at the time of writing. In the piece, they listed several reasons a woman becomes lesbian and most of the reasons seem to be linked to the woman being career-oriented or pursuing higher education.

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The first reason was that women prefer someone who tends to voice their lustful love to their partner. This is allegedly increasingly difficult to get from men who are considered less romantic.

“When women pursue higher education where all students are women, they seem to create a romantic atmosphere with each other, as in a female student dormitory.

Supervision, social encounters among women also tend to form dependence and love between women, for each other.”

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Another reason listed was also linked to women who put their careers as their main priority, give importance to their independence thus they reject archaic roles in social groups. These women also allegedly believe that only women can understand other women.

The final reason listed in the piece was that women with an excess of adrenal cortical hormones are usually more prone to lesbianism. In the piece, the writer mentioned that despite homosexuality not being classified as a mental disorder based on the reference of the DSM Manual in 1973, there have allegedly been many referrals of patients with these sexual orientation problems coming for psychiatric treatment. These women apparently suffer from anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and eating habits-related disorders.

At the time of writing, the article has been taken down from the MyHealth KKM website. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped Twitter users from calling out the ministry for allowing irresponsible statements such as these to be published in the first place.

“This is unacceptable! Hopefully this will be removed as well. Was this not vetted or was it vetted but was allowed to be published due to the toxic mindset?”

Another Twitter user related the content of the article to her own life of having a mother who pursued higher education and also how statements like these simply bring back the causes of women empowerment.

“Our own ministry doesn’t want women to rise and focus on their career?! No wonder we’re still behind.”

WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to KKM for a statement but have yet to receive a reply.

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Source: MyHealth KKM
Source: MyHealth KKM
Source: MyHealth KKM

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