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Bukit Gasing B40 Community Members Can Now Enjoy Subsidised Medical Consultations at Only RM5!


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Source: Doctor Anywhere Malaysia | Twitter & 123RF

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With the immense success of the Menu Rahmah initiative that allows underprivileged Malaysians to enjoy filling meals at only RM5, there is now a need to diversify and extend the ‘Rahmah’ measure towards others industries.

Thankfully, some have heeded this call for help and are implementing similar initiatives to their fields.

Medical group, Doctor Anywhere Malaysia, took to their Twitter profile to announce their version of the ‘Rahmah’ initiative by subsidising video medical consultations to only RM5 for B40 community members in Bukit Gasing, in collaboration with Bukit Gasing ADUN Rajiv Rishyakaran.

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They wrote, “Exciting news for Bukit Gasing residents! We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Pejabat ADUN Bukit Gasing to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to Bukit Gasing residents.”

“Bukit Gasing residents can now consult a doctor online at RM15 while B40 residents’ video consultation rate will be subsidized to RM5 only! Any medication required will be delivered to resident’s home in 1 hour.”

You might be wondering, how much help can someone get through a video consultation? 

Well, according to Doctor Anywhere Malaysia’s website, a large number of common illnesses and chronic conditions can effectively be treated through a video consultation, from common illnesses such as fever, flu, cough, rashes and more to chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension artery disease and so forth.

For further information, you can check out their website here.


What an amazing initiative by both Doctor Anywhere Malaysia and the ADUN Bukit Gasing’s office!

We can’t wait to see other ADUNs and MPs implementing similar measures for their own areas. 


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