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Buckwheat Gets EMBEDDED In 8yo Boy’s Knees After He Knelt On Seeds For 9 Hours as Punishment


Buckwheat Grows From 8Yo Boy'S Knees After He Knelt On Seeds For 9 Hours As Punishment - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Daily Mail & Daily Mail

What were some of the things your parents used to do when you misbehaved as a child? Did they cane you? Or maybe they would ground you, and revoke TV privileges so you can’t watch cartoons? Well, regardless of which, we’re pretty sure each of us has some colourful story to tell about the ‘special kinds of hell’ that our parents came up with to keep us unruly kids in line.

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But for some parents, their idea of punishment simply takes things way too far, sometimes to the point of abuse, as this article from the Daily Mail goes to show.

Just because he came home late, which really doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, an eight-year-old boy was punished by having to kneel on a floor of buckwheat seeds for nine hours.

If you can’t already tell from the photo, buckwheat seeds are quite painful to have pressed against your skin due to their sharp edges. Imagine enduring the pain of having to kneel on a whole floor of them for over nine hours!

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Source: daily mail

His step-father, who came up with the punishment, pulled the eight-year-old boy’s hair as he knelt, and his own birth mother completely approved of the punishment, saying that it was ‘appropriate’.

According to the English daily, the boy was heard crying that ‘it hurts’ as his own stepfather kicked him. The couple would even starve him for up to four days at a time as another form of punishment.

These punishments were even filmed on his stepfather’s phone!

The boy was thankfully saved just in time when he fled his own house and begged for help from a female neighbour, who immediately took him to hospital.

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Source: daily mail

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Source: daily mail

Apparently due to kneeling on the buckwheat seeds for so long, buckwheat had already started to take root in the skin of the boy’s knees and grew from them.


Source: daily mail

In order to have them removed, the boy had to be put under general anaesthesia before surgeons cut away the affected areas of skin on his knees. His parents now currently face trial in their native Russia for torture, causing damage to the boy’s health, and failure to properly educate the boy.

We hope that nothing worse happens to the poor child, who clearly has already suffered enough from all that he has been through in this horrific ordeal, and that he will be able to heal!


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