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Akmal Says Country’s Economy Was Doing Well Under Najib Razak’s Leadership Despite the Boycotts


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Source: TikTok | drakmalsaleh

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With the boycott campaigns on multiple products ongoing, we cannot deny how much they are affecting the employees who are trying to make a living.

The Minister of Housing & Local Government of Malaysia, Nga Kor Ming recently tweeted and shared his take on the boycott campaigns, saying,

“The news today highlighted the boycott campaigns that are run by irresponsible parties, and the employees have to suffer the consequences.”

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Nga also urged all Malaysians NOT to fall into the trap of the whisperers who invited everyone to boycott campaigns and said that everyone plays a role in improving the country’s economy.

UMNO Youth leader, Dr Akmal Salleh, who is known for his active boycott against KK Mart is NOT fond of what Nga had to say about the campaigns. On his socials, Akmal responded to Nga and called him stupid.

“Everything was fine under Najib’s leadership”

In a short video response posted on his TikTok @drakmalsaleh, Akmal said that boycott campaigns are not something new and they have been taking place way back since Najib Razak was still the Prime Minister. 

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“Back then, under Najib’s leadership, the economy was still soaring and doing good despite the boycott campaigns.”

Akmal certainly did not spare his words. He then said the country’s economy is not performing well due to the existence of some ministers, who, according to Akmal, are stupid.

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“We’re not doing well economically because we have stupid ministers like you. Shame on you.” Akmal told Nga.


Jadi kamu nak beritahu yang kempen boikot ni yang jadi punca ekonomi negara teruk ke?? Dulu zaman Najib razak kita buat je kempen boikot,tetapi ekonomi tetap naik dengan baik Kepada YB menteri Nga Kor Ming 倪可敏 yang kurang bijaksana,ekonomi negara jadi teruk sebab ada menteri yang mcm kamu!!! Bodoh!!

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To those who can recall, what do you think of the economy back then? Do you think Malaysians should cease the boycott campaigns?



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