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Adulting 101: 5 ‘Life Milestones’ M’sians Are Obsessed With That We Should Change


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In this era of social media where we can see so much of each other’s lives, it’s common to see our peers doing great things and compare it to our own achievements. Instead of enjoying the journey of life and letting things unfold naturally, we now feel pressured to achieve certain goals by a certain age. In order to change your perspective on this matter, we’ve listed out a few ‘life milestones’ many Malaysians are obsessed with that we believe need to change!


1. Graduating from university with a ‘traditional’ degree

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Upon enrolling into colleges or universities, of course, we’d have to choose a field to study. While it’s great if you’re able to pursue a degree that you’re passionate about, some of us had no choice but to study in a field chosen by our parents because they believe it could land us a good job later on.

We do understand that our parents did it for our benefit, but not everyone is capable of studying something they have no interest in and still excelling at it. As a result, we’d be burned out before we even graduated! So, if you’re at this stage where you’re torn between your dreams or your parents’ request, just ask yourself if it is worth sacrificing your happiness for a degree you don’t even want.


2. Landing a nice ‘9-to-5’ job that pays well

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Another thing that our parents often ask of us is to land a nice corporate job with a good salary. It’s true that we all dream of landing a high-paying job (especially in this economy!), but there are tons of other opportunities out there aside from the traditional ‘9-to-5′ job.

Nowadays, there are plenty of careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago. For example, you can now make a living by being a content creator, an e-hailing driver or even a personal shopper. These jobs are definitely not conventional but it just goes to show that there are other ways to generate income beyond our parents’ more traditional idea of it.


3. Feeling pressured to get married and start a family

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When are you getting married ah?” is like a rite of passage that Malaysians have to deal with upon reaching adulthood. It probably stems from a common societal expectation that encourages us to get married and start our own family as soon as we land a job.

The truth is, marriage is a huge lifelong commitment that cannot be rushed. You’re searching for a partner in life so it’s completely normal if it takes a while! On the other hand, if you feel like marriage is not for you, that’s completely valid too! At the end of the day, you should be in control of your life and only move on to the next phase when you’re ready, not when your family tells you to!

Just make sure to prepare some witty comebacks the next time you get quizzed by your relatives! ?


4. Aiming to achieve the ‘3 C’s’ before turning 30

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There’s an ongoing trend where Malaysians are now aiming to have the 3 C’s (condo, car and credit card) before they turn 30 years old in order to be considered financially successful. In reality, we tend to forget that all of these things require a huge commitment. If we’re not financially ready to handle all three things, they could pose a risk to our financial status.

In fact, current news reports that many young Malaysians are going bankrupt for living beyond their means and one of the contributing factors is taking out big loans. So if you’re eyeing a luxurious car or thinking of applying for that credit card, make sure you can actually afford it and you’re not just doing it due to societal pressure.


5. Moving out of the family home to be considered independent 

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If you’re a working adult past the age of 25 years old, it is usually frowned upon to still be living with your parents (especially if you’re unmarried and have very few commitments). But in our opinion, there’s truly no harm in that! On top of being more financially convenient, you can also help take care of your ageing parents and look out for their well-being.

Plus, instead of spending a ton on rent monthly, you can spend that money on your parents as a way of thanking them for all that they have done for you. You would also have more budget for other things that really matter such as prioritising your health and getting a reliable medical plan that protects you when needed! Not only does this keep you protected, but you also won’t need to worry about burdening your parents with hefty medical bills should anything happen to you.

Speaking of getting insured, we’re sure you’ve probably heard of how important insurance is but have you managed to find one that really suits you and your needs? ? If you’re on the hunt for a good plan, we’d recommend this medical insurance plan from Zurich!

With the Zurich Infinite Care medical insurance plan, Malaysians can now get comprehensive medical protection and enjoy various perks such as a No Claim Discount, Inflation Shield and more!

New Zurich Infinite Care


Here’s what the Zurich Infinite Care plan can provide for you! 

This comprehensive medical insurance plan comes with a ton of benefits and perks that can definitely suit every type of lifestyle! Some of these include:

  • No Claim Discount

If you’re the type who thinks insurance is a waste because you rarely get sick, then this benefit will excite you! If you can stay healthy and not claim anything from your plan, you can enjoy up to 30% of No Claim Discount on your insurance charges.


  • Multiple Deductible Options

Zurich understands that different people will have different needs. This is why Zurich Infinite Care comes in three plans (Plan 300, Plan 500 & Plan 1,000) with multiple Deductible options. You can also enjoy up to 77% savings on your insurance charges if you choose a higher Deductible amount or you can choose a No Deductible option where your medical bill will be fully covered by the plan.


  • Inflation Shield

If you’re worried about inflation and the future, fret not! Zurich Infinite Care comes with an Inflation Shield benefit that will provide a 20% increase on your Annual Limit for every 5 years.


  • Total Critical Care

It’s important to ensure that your insurance plan has comprehensive coverage so that you are well protected for the future. This is why this plan offers an optional rider that you can choose to add on called Total Critical Care, which provides further coverage for selected Critical Conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and more.


Think these benefits sound awesome so far? Hold up, there’s more! The Zurich Infinite Care insurance plan also offers other perks such as:

  • Comprehensive medical coverage – Get up to RM1,000 for Daily Hospital Room and Board if you get admitted. You can also enjoy a high annual limit with no lifetime limit.
  • Early years discount – To reward you for coming on board with this insurance plan, you can enjoy a 35% discount on insurance charges for your first year and a 20% discount for your second year with the plan.
  • Longer post-hospitalisation care – The plan will provide care and treatment even after you’re discharged! You can get reimbursement for diagnostic tests, specialist consultation and medication and treatment within 210 days after you get discharged.
  • Medical assistance device benefit – If you require any medical assistance devices, the plan will reimburse you up to RM20,000 for devices such as a Defibrillator, Pacemaker or Artificial Limb.
  • Retirement option – This plan also understands that you might undergo changes in your financial status with different phases in life. If that happens, you can choose to reduce your Deductible amount without underwriting after retirement at age 60, subject to terms and conditions.


Don’t you think the benefits and perks of this medical plan sound awesome? If you’re interested to sign up or to find out more about the plan, simply visit the Zurich Infinite Care webpage here. You can also follow Zurich Malaysia on their Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news or offerings from them.

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Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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