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“Look just the same!” – M’sians Say MUDA Candidate for Bandar Utama Looks Like a Local Radio DJ


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Source: Instagram | abe.1 & Instagram | meiyannn1

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The youth political party, MUDA has been the talk of the town lately, specifically for their active participation for the coming state polls. This time, a candidate for Bandar Utama has stolen the spotlight on social media for being the “doppelganger” of a local radio DJ.

Meet Abe Lim (pronounced as Abby Lim), the candidate from MUDA for Bandar Utama who is competing for the state election in about a week’s time.

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Now, netizens have been comparing Abe’s look to a local radio DJ, commonly known as Mei Yan.

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Do you think both of them look (almost) similar? In a recent TikTok post by Abe, she responded to the comparison by saying,

“Mei Yan is prettier lah!” Abe laughed.

She then jokingly told Mei Yan to participate in her election campaign if she ever wanted. In the comment section of the TikTok post, many Malaysians agree that both of them look similar, and many thought that it was actually the radio DJ who was campaigning for state elections.

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“Looks just the same!”

In a recent interview with Oriental Daily, Abe also told the public that she hopes to be remember (and gets voted) for her ability to serve the people, and not her look.

“You should see if the person you’re voting for can actually do something. If it’s solely based on look, it doesn’t make sense to me,” Abe expressed.

In one of Abe’s recent Instagram post, Abe also responded to the news article about her similar look to DJ Mei Yan. She tagged the DJ in her post and asked,

“Shall we meet and have a drink?”

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The DJ, however, has not responded to her tagging, and has not spoken anything about her “doppelganger.”

Who is Abe Lim?

Here’s a little bit of information that you might want to know about Abe. While she may be new in politics, she definitely has a convincing resume and she knows what she wants to do for the people in Bandar Utama.

As the founder and CEO of Purpose Plastic, a company that repurposes plastic waste into homeware, Abe aims to run Malaysia’s 1st green political campaign. 

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Her go-green initiative is made clear through her manifestos for the state election, which are shared on her official website and comprise of holistic environmentalism, people-first urban planning, and improved governance.

“We need to make the world a better place for our next generation by building a resilient system.”

Folks in Bandar Utama, do you see yourself giving a chance to MUDA and Abe Lim in the coming state election?


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