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9 Things Malaysians Who Celebrate Deepavali Look Forward To Every Year!


Source: Himalayan Academy & ColorzEvent

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Deepavali is almossttt here!?✨ It’s that time of the year again for vibrant colourful sarees, punjabi suits, yummy Indian food like mutton curry, murukku and of course – ang pao ?? (for those who are still unmarried lah – see single life isn’t so bad!)

There’s lots to look forward to this festive season, and to usher in the good vibes we decided to list just a few of our favourite things of Deepavali season ??(see if yours made the list).


1.Saving up to splurge at Deepavali Bazaars 

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One of the highlights of Deepavali is our mad rush to the very happening (and very crowded) bazaars, where we pretend to be financial advisors, meticulously planning our budget just for this season and rehearsing convincing words to haggle (must always try to get the best prices ok!)

We save up for these bazaars, excited to explore the vibrant new colors of food, clothing, decorations and other festive essentials. It’s reaallyyy hard to resist buying new things here so must be sure to plan ahead lah ?


2. Stressful Shopping… but YEAY New Clothes!

Shopping at Little Indias like Brickfields or Masjid India is always a hoot, but during Deepavali, it’s does get HECTIC! The stores are bursting at the seams with last-minute shoppers, making you feel like you’re inside a can of sardines…

And just when you’re trying to decide which outfit is better, your aunt calls you from one end of the store, and your mom is locked in a heated negotiation for discounts at the other end. Chaos, yes, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day when you get your new fit!?✨

When you’re shopping for Deepavali…

Dramatic India Gif - Dramatic India Naaah Gifs

After shopping for Deepavali…

Yaaaaay Gif - Yehjawaanihaideewaani Bollywood Dance Dancing Gifs


3. Soaking up the Lit vibes (literally)

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Of course we need to set the mood to usher in the festivities right? The ambiance of our homes during Deepavali is always very ONZ. As much as it’s a common tradition, we still appreciate lighting up the diya lamps on Deepavali eve, plus the fairly lights we put on also adds to the cozy and heartwarming ambiance to our homes.

Our homes get a total makeover during Deepavali with all sorts of colorful decorations, making our neighbors envy us, hehehe..


4. Making a kolam and wanting to give up halfway…

As much as it’s all nice to see, the kolam making can get prettyyy stressful… You start off ambitiously planning the designs and mapping it out – motivation levels still on a high. As you fill in the colours though, your back and fingers start to tighten or worse – even a cramp and your patience starts to dwindle…

11 Nostalgic Things Malaysians Who Celebrate Deepavali Will Remember World Of Buzz 8

It doesn’t help when your mom is hovering over to make sure you do it right. You definitely need a lot of focus but we can’t lie, in the end when it’s all done, you do feel proud of your efforts!

Let’s just hope no one is clumsy enough to mess up your hard work after. Eeeek!!


5. Hair Oiling on Deepavali Morning (either you hate it or love it)??‍♀️

Deepavali Oil Bath

Deepavali morning starts with a ritual that’s either a treat or a punishment, depending on your point of view – hair oiling. We get a head massage with a concoction of oils, including gingelly and coconut oil, lovingly applied by our mothers or the eldest of the house.

It’s believed to cleanse the body and chase away bad vibes! You might need a few extra shampoos to get rid of the oil, but your hair’s gonna thank you with that silky finish. ??‍♀️


6. Ang Pao Season ??

Choaruiburey Vaguibu Gif - Choaruiburey Vaguibu Gifs

Other than the yummy food, Deepavali’s is the time for spreading good vibes, and for the youngsters, it’s all about collecting as many ang paos as possible. Unmarried folks receive these red packets, usually from parents and grandparents, loaded with love and best wishes.

Only the married ones get the privilege of giving out ang paos, which is basically a financial boost for the festivities. Show me the money!!! ??


7. Feast Mode! Indian Snacks and Desserts, Murukku, Achu Murukku, Chippi, Pineapple Tarts and MORE!  

Happydiwali शुभ दीपावली दीवाली दिवाली Gif - Diwali Dhanteras Hope Your Stomach Is Ready Gifs

Is your mouth salivating already over there? ? When it comes to celebrating, food always manages to steal the spotlight. Our families will tirelessly make the best Deepavali spread of Indian snacks like crunchy Murukku and Chippi. We can’t wait to keep munching all day and allll night!

These yummy delights are shared with loved ones and guests, making the festival all the more special and memorable.


8. MUTTON CURRY. Nuff said. 

83. Slow Cooked Indian Mutton Mughal Style

Let’s be real, the highlight of Deepavali is the mutton curry made by our ever-talented patti or ammachi. We attack it like it’s the last meal on Earth, but we just can’t help ourselves – it’s that good! ?️?


9. Playing with fireworks, it is the festival of LIGHTS after all! 

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The colourful fireworks always have a magical feel that is admired by those young or old. There’s also something very nostalgic about playing with fireworks and sparklers, adding to the happy vibes of Deepavali season. As much as it may seem scary sometimes, we can’t deny that they make for awesome photos for your social media!


These are some of the vibrant traditions that light up during Deepavali here in Malaysia.

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What’s your favourite thing about Deepavali? Let us know in the comments below! We wish all those celebrating a pleasant Deepavali with your loved ones. Enjoy and stay safe! 


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