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5 Struggles Of Celebrating Year-End Festivities That Broke M’sians Can Konfem Relate!


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The year-end holiday season is finally upon us and many Malaysians are definitely getting excited. However, for those who are currently broke like us, we can imagine how this “season of giving” can be quite a hard time for them. Does this sound like you? If it does, then read on to find out if you can relate to these struggles that broke Malaysians may face during year-end festivities.


1. When you have to entertain your guests with actual food instead of cup noodles

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Being the host of a party can be fun, especially when you’re hosting your loved ones… until you realise that it’s not actually acceptable to just serve your guests chips and cup noodles. ?

But fret not, hosting a dinner party on a budget is challenging but NOT impossible. You can always make it a potluck-themed party and ask each friend to bring something to the table. Alternatively, you can also keep an eye out on food delivery services, such as GrabFood, that would always have some form of promotions going on!


2. You want to balik kampung but the commute is quite pricey

Istockphoto 1183528285

The end of the year is when we want to be reunited with our family. But if you’re currently living away from home, you’d know that the cost of travelling to balik kampung can be quite pricey! If you’re opting not to go back due to this, don’t feel bad! You can still be connected with your family virtually and you can always celebrate the festivities with your friends. You’re not alone in this! 


3. Having to pitch in for a family holiday trip that you’re forced to join

18104907 Family Christmas

Another year-end holiday tradition that is beloved by Malaysians is going on a family trip. Now that we’re adults, we’re expected to chip in for our part and we’d usually feel pressured to do so. But little do they know, we’d actually rather just stay at home and watch Netflix. ?


4. You can’t afford fancy holiday decorations for your home

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Decorating your home is one of the most exciting aspects of Christmas and it can definitely put you in the right “jolly” mood. But what if you barely have any budget for decor? Our tip: DIY some homemade ornaments or you can also just resort to admiring those magical decorations at shopping malls!


5. When you have no choice but to join your company’s Secret Santa event

Istockphoto 882322466

Christmas won’t be complete without being forced to join the office’s Secret Santa event. It’s not that we don’t like our colleagues, but we’ve already spent so much on presents for our family and friends. Now we have to get more for people in the office? BRB, need to break our piggy bank… ?


If you’re currently facing this situation, here’s a hack: use PayLater by Grab so you can fit in more gifts within your budget! Plus, did you know that there are more merchants on the platform that are now accepting PayLater?

Yup, that’s right! Malaysians can shop from various merchants on the Grab platform and use PayLater to get gifts for your loved ones – near and far!

There are two different ways to utilise PayLater by Grab:

Lmmy1952 2 Ways To Paylater Eng

  • Pay the next month

You can track your monthly spending and pay it all in one bill the following month!

  • Pay in four monthly instalments 

You can make a huge bill smaller by paying it off a quarter at a time.


The best part about PayLater is that there is no interest, no upfront costs and no extra fees as long as your payment is made on time! Malaysians can also use this as a budgeting tool to ease their cash flow!

Wondering what sort of gifts you can pay via PayLater? Here are some of our top picks!

1. A portable juicer for that friend who’s always on-the-go!


We all have that one friend who’s always super busy and is constantly on-the-go. For them, this HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro is the perfect companion! This portable juicer is capable of blending fruits, small ices and frozen fruits. Plus, it is wireless, light can be ready within 40 seconds! The innovative Smart Lid Safety System will also come in handy to avoid any unwanted incidents.

Now you can get this juicer via Grab for only RM194.99 where you can also pay via PayLater!


2. New skincare for your selfie-ready partner

The Ordinary Niacinamide 1

To help your partner always be selfie-ready during this holiday, you can gift them this highly acclaimed Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum by The Ordinary that helps to effectively reduce dark spots and fight breakouts. You can get this for only RM29.80 via Worthee Cosmetics on Grab and you may also choose to pay with PayLater.

Looking for a good bang for your buck? Then the Skin Soothing & Hydration Set from Kiehl’s is a great choice for only RM215 where you’ll get 25% more value! This set can help to cleanse and improve your skin with the help of their cult-classic Calendula Toner. You can also opt to PayLater for this set only on Grab!

Kiehl S Holiday Edition Skin Soothing Hydration Set


3. Gaming equipment for your tech-savvy sibling


If you’re struggling to find a gift for that one ‘gamer’ sibling/friend, we’d recommend these Mechanical Gaming Keyboards (RM485) and Wireless Gaming Mouse (RM585) from Logitech. You can get them both via ALL IT on Grab and they have also started accepting PayLater!


4. Helpful supplements for your parents

Lac Masquelier S® French Pine Bark Extract 100Mg 50 Tablets

We all want the best for our parents. To show our thoughtfulness, we can gift them with some helpful supplements that can improve their health. Our top pick is the LAC Masquelier’s French Pine Bark Extract (RM266.40) that can help to neutralise excess toxins in the body. Another great choice is the GNC Double Strength Fish Oil (RM219) that can maintain a healthy brain and vision.

Both of these supplements can be found at LAC via Grab and you can also opt to pay via PayLater.

Gnc Double Strength Fish Oil 90 Softgel Capsules E1639717170543


5. A versatile pair of pants for your colleague

30 Momentum Long Pants Khaki

With festive parties and dinners coming ahead, you definitely won’t go wrong by gifting a very versatile pair of pants that can be worn anywhere, anytime! For instance, you can get these Momentum Long Pants for RM109 by Bottoms Lab on Grab and they are also accepting PayLater!


Got a better idea of what to get for your loved ones now? Not only is Grab a great platform to do your last-minute Christmas shopping, but now you can also send your love across borders by using Grab to deliver a present to a loved one who lives further away thanks to their ‘100+ Cities Delivery (BETA)’ feature!

Additionally, you can also check out some of their GrabPay promotions and save up by utilising your GrabRewards every time you spend online or even in-stores with GrabPay merchants! Sounds convenient, right?

So, if you’re stuck in a jam for gifts, we hope that this hack can help you out! For more information on PayLater by Grab, you can visit their website here or you can also check out some last-minute gift ideas here. Don’t forget to download Grab on App Store or Google Play so you don’t miss out on all these rewards!




Source: Delish
Source: iStock
Source: Tatler Asia
Source: iStock

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