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10 Things Only Whatsapp Users Will Understand



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Whatsapp is one of the biggest text messaging apps in the world with over 1 billion downloads up till date.

Being Malaysia’s top preferred messaging app, here are some things we could definitely relate:


1. Having blue ticks yet there’s no reply

After Whatsapp updated their features several months ago which include the blue tick function, hell just broke lose. The blue ticks function as an indicator that someone has read your message.

It’s pretty annoying when your messages were seen and yet the person you’re talking couldn’t spare a second to reply.



2. The “last seen”

This is another friendship breaker because if there aren’t blue ticks yet their last seen was just minutes ago, you know they’ve probably ignored your messages.


3. That one annoying friend who sends more than 3 texts in one go

*Ring* *Ring* *Ringgggg* Your phone is constantly on vibrate because of this asshole who cannot type in a paragraph or complete sentence but instead chose to send a few words at a time.

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4. That awesome feeling when you discover a new emoji 

Whether it’s an emoji that has been there forever but you just never realised its existence or the newly updated emojis, discovering emojis give you that mini unexplainable excitement.

Tumblr N4D2Wdnrcv1Rqfhi2O1 400


5. One year muted group chats

Being on Whatsapp, it is inevitable from getting added into a group. Whether it’s for college/uni assignments, work, different social circles, family and so on, group chats usually only mean one thing, endless spam.

Then again, you wouldn’t want to offend anyone by leaving the group or it’s obligatory for you to stay, so.. excuse me while I mute you. Sometimes you wish they had an option to mute forever.


6. The horror when you sent a text or photo to the wrong contact/group


If it involves something super embarrassing, you can just kill me IMMEDIATELY.


7. Not sure what to do when both of you are typing at the same time

You were both chatting on a certain topic and then typed at the same time. “Do I click send?” “Or should I wait for his/hers first so I can edit my reply?”

You guys may be even be thinking about the same thing and stopped to stare at the screen awkwardly for a few seconds.

Tumblr N9G5Nunwgw1Tu91Qto1 500


 8. The epic preparation before sending a voice message

“OK, please don’t sound awkward” you tell yourself before hitting that microphone icon. And if it does sound bad, you’ll be careful to slide across the screen to the delete evidence and not to release that horrendous voice message into a group chat.



9. Not clicking on a message so the other person wouldn’t know you’ve seen it

You may resort to reading your messages through notification because you were too lazy or preoccupied to reply instantly. That, or you simply couldn’t be bothered with that message.

Tumblr N6E49Kwrs81Ts0Thyo1 500


10. Accidentally calling your friend on Whatsapp then frantically tries to end the call immediately

Oops I didn’t mean to do that! Abort abort!

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