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10 Real Reasons Malaysians Never Want to Migrate to Another Country


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The grass may seem greener on the other side, but really, it’s greener where you water it!

So before you think about leaving Malaysia, here are some very real and legit reasons you’ll probably regret if you actually do end up leaving our tanah air, and would want to come back home the moment you arrive in another country:

1. We don’t have to spend hundreds of Ringgit on winter clothing or walk around looking like the Michelin man

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Having a White Christmas may sound like a dream come true for many, but winter really isn’t all that fun! Sejuk giler you know!

I mean, putting on layers upon layers of clothing ain’t fun tau! You’ll only find yourself taking them off when you’re indoors and then back on once you step outside. Oh, so much work!!! Worst of all, none of the shops stay open past 5pm!


2. Speaking of shops that close early, in Malaysia however, we have tons of shops that stay open until late at night or 24/7, THANKFULLY

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With all the hawker stalls and mamaks available, Malaysians are able to jalan-jalan, cari makan and meet up for yam cha sessions at any time of the day. Bestnya!


3. We can experience all types of weathers and landscapes within our country

Want to sunbathe on the beach? Visit our many islands! Want to go hiking, bird-watching or have a picnic by the river? Visit our luscious forests and jungle trekking locations! Want to cool off somewhere and experience Autumn-like whether? Visit Cameron or Genting Highlands! Want to experience winter? How about Mount Kinabalu?

See, Malaysia has everything you want to experience and more! You don’t even need a passport!


4. Our food often comes with a side of free cili padi/sambal belacan

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We Malaysians love to tambah pedas or kah lat when we order our food, so it really is a blessing that most of the food we order usually comes with free chilli or sambal.


5. If we have friends/family members of different races, there’s a high chance we can get ‘ang paus‘ more than once a year

All Malaysians rejoice! Unless you’re married, then, sorry lah.

Whether it’s Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, or Deepavali, these three cultures practise ‘ang pau‘ giving to children and non-married individuals during the festive season. So if you’re friends with people of a different race and lucky enough to be invited to their open houses, odds are you’ll get more ang paus too!


6. The number of public holidays! Plus, whenever a major sports tournament is on, there’s a high chance we’ll get another one

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You can never have too many public holidays, kan? The best kinds of holidays are the ones that are announced at the very last minute, usually after Malaysia wins some sports tournament. Now who says Malaysians aren’t into sports?


7. Everyone is our “aunty” and “uncle”

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Remembering people’s names can be the most difficult thing in the world for us. No wonder I did so badly for my Sejarah paper.

It’s a good thing we can refer to all our elders (who aren’t even related to us) as “aunty” and “uncle”. Do that overseas and you’ll get awkward stares from everybody.


8. We can eat with our hands and not feel judged

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From fried chicken to banana leaf rice, everything tastes better when eaten with our hands! So it’s a good thing it’s a norm in Malaysia, unlike in most parts of the world.


9. We can speak ‘Manglish’ or ‘rojak’ and still be understood by everyone

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Most Malaysians today can understand and speak in three different languages at once – Malay, English, and Chinese/Tamil. This ‘gift’ not only allows us to converse easily with one another, but it also comes in handy when watching TV shows, like Hong Kong or Taiwanese dramas, because we roughly understand what they’re saying! What’s more, we’ll even know if someone is talking bad about us behind our backs in a different language. Don’t play play okay.


10. We have authentic Malaysian food and glorious roadside stalls here

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For those of you who’ve studied or lived abroad before, we’re willing to bet that the first thing you missed – besides your friends and family of course – was the Malaysian food. Malaysian food is the best cuisine in the world and where else can you stop your car by the roadside and feast at roadside stalls! So, of course lah we miss!

If you absolutely love Malaysian food with all your heart, and want to know all the best places for local food, be it roadside stalls, hawker centers, restaurants, and so forth, make sure you stay up to date with Malaysia’s very own Jalan-Jalan, Cari Makan TV series!

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Also, if you think you’re the ultimate foodie with a taste bud for only the best of the best local foods, make sure you take part in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan’s first ever Food Awards! Vote for your favourite restaurant or roadside stall with the best and most mouth-watering local dishes and see if your stall wins!

To vote, or find out more about the best local food in Malaysia, click here!

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