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“Yer A Wizard!” Pandora Just Released 6 New Charms Malaysian Potterheads Will Absolutely LOVE



Source: Pandora

If you grew up reading (or watching) Harry Potter, you probably waited at the mailbox almost every day for that letter from Hogwarts to arrive. After all, it’s every Potterhead’s dream to be a part of that magical world of wizards, witches, spells and Butterbeer.

Well, in order to bring the magic to you, Pandora has actually released six new charms that represent the most iconic items and characters of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!


Here are the enchanting new charms and what each of them represents:

1. Hogwarts letter – the letter you’ve all been waiting for

This charm, which represents the coveted letter from Hogwarts, boasts fine details that are present on the actual letter Harry received from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, such as the Hogwarts seal/emblem and Harry’s full address on the envelope piece.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Your introverted BFFs who may seem quiet but have the biggest hearts and personalities. They’re the type of people who would much rather put their thoughts and feelings onto pen and paper.


2. Hedwig – because why text when you have a messenger owl?

No wizard in Hogwarts is complete without a messenger owl. They help wizards communicate with each other from long distances by sending letters. They can even deliver small parcels too!

Add this charm to your collection and you will have your very own messenger owl like Hedwig, Harry Potter’s Snowy Owl. If you look closely, the owl is carrying a letter in its claws which is a fine touch that represents all messenger owls.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Your night owl friends who–like the owl–just cannot seem to go to bed early. These are the types of friends you can count on when you need someone to talk to during ungodly hours.


3. Sorting Hat – which house do you belong to?

Every Potterhead has probably played at least one online quiz that determines which Hogwarts house they belong to. Whether it’s the courageous Gryffindor, cunning Slytherin, loyal Hufflepuff or wise Ravenclaw, the Sorting Hat will make sure you are “sorted” into the right house.

The Sorting Hat charm is finely crafted with all its folds and creases, including the ones that make up its eyes and mouth.

Fun fact: The hat once belonged to Godric Gryffindor, founder of house Gryffindor.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: That one friend who is a great judge of character that you can always go to for advice when having doubts about a new “friend” or future boyfriend.


4. Sign of the Deathly Hallows – a symbol of powerful magic items crafted by Death himself

This symbol represents three legendary objects, which when united would make the person a “Master of Death” or “Conqueror of Death”.

The straight line in the middle represents the Elder Wand, the most powerful magic wand to ever exist. The circle represents the Resurrection Stone, an artefact that can bring people back from the dead. Last but not least, the triangle which represents the cloak of invisibility, a cloak that renders its wearer unseen even by Death.

If you’re a believer in the Deathly Hallows, this charm would be perfect for you to wear.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Someone who is extremely daring, adventurous and has seemingly no fear of anything even when it comes to taking part in dangerous activities like sky diving.


5. Harry’s glasses, flying broom and lightning scar

The iconic parts that makeup Harry Potter himself comes in this charm that includes his famous round glasses, a flying broom that could either be the Nimbus 2000 or the Firebolt, and the unmistakable lightning-shaped scar he has on his forehead from being struck by Voldemort’s Killing Curse.

These three things that define Harry Potter comes as one charm which you can wear on your wrist with a bracelet or around your neck as a necklace.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Your best friend who keeps the group together despite the many fights or long distances that keep everyone apart just like how Harry Potter protects and keeps his friends together.


6. Harry Potter logo and all the things that encompass him


Last but not least, is the Harry Potter logo charm which sports the well-known ‘HP’ initials on one side, and all the things that are associated with Harry on the other side such as his glasses, wand, Hedwig and the lightning-shaped scar.

This charm is for everyone who loves the Harry Potter saga as a whole and wants to display their adoration for it.

IT’S PERFECT FOR: Anyone who shares the same love for Harry Potter and everything magical about the Wizarding World.


Each of these charms represents all the wonders of magic and the power of love and friendship as portrayed in the Harry Potter stories, which is why they’re perfect as thoughtful and meaningful gifts for your BFFs, sisters and even your girlfriend!

What’s more, prior to these six new charms, Pandora also released another collection of Harry Potter charms such as the:

  1. Harry Potter character charm
  2. Hermione Granger character charm
  3. Ron Weasley character charm
  4. Dobby character charm
  5. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry charm
  6. Hogwarts house charms (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw)
  7. Quidditch Snitch bracelet
  8. Golden Snitch pendant
  9. Hogwarts Express Train charm

Golden Snitch charm

Harry, Hermione & Ron charms

They’ll surely add some magic into your lives and definitely serve as a great reminder of your friendship with your closest friends.

Want to know more, or where to get them? There’s no need for Floo powder and fireplaces, just head online and check them all out on Pandora’s website!

So what do you think of all these Wizard-worthy charms? They’ll definitely make a great addition to any Potterhead’s collection, and they make thoughtful gifts too!


Just so you know, International Friendship Day is just around the corner (30 July 2020), so in case you’ve been thinking of what to get for your friend who is also obsessed with all things Harry Potter, you know where to look!


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