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Worry About Indoor Air Quality? Here Are 6 Air-Purifying Plants M’sians Can Keep To Detox Their Homes


Unique 5 Air Purifying
Source: Kulbir & Sasha Kim

While our homes can be squeaky clean, don’t be surprised to find out that pollutants and toxins are constantly lurking in the house! Some of the common indoor pollutants include: 

  • Mould and mildew 
  • Gas burning stoves 
  • Household cleaning agents 
  • Paints, building materials

Toxins released from these seemingly harmless items not only reduce indoor air quality but can also cause symptoms ranging from allergies to irritation and headache. Other than getting air purifiers (which can be expensive), more and more Malaysians are placing air-purifying plants in their homes. 

If you’re eager to improve the air quality at home, this article is for you! Keep on reading to find out which air-purifying plants you can have in different areas of your house! 


1. Living room: ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant, short for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, has waxy, dark green leaves that look absolutely beautiful wherever the plant is placed. It also boasts attractive features that please any busy plant parent: it is draught-tolerant and accepts low light conditions!

Despite being super aesthetic and easy to care for, the ZZ Plant is also known for its air-purifying feature! Place some ZZ Plants in your living room, and it will be free of toxins such as:

  • Xylene: from rust preventives, cigarettes, varnish, and paints
  • Toluene: from nail polish, paint thinners, glues, inks, and stain removers

Pino Nguyen Ng2Pxbglzkw Unsplash


2. Living room: Cast-Iron Plant

To defend themselves against herbivory, some plants secrete metabolites which can cause irritation and vomiting if consumed. Hence, if you have curious cats and/or dogs at home, it is best to opt for pet-friendly indoor plants, such as the Cast-Iron Plant!

Cast-Iron Plants are best placed in the living room, especially when you move into a new house, or live near industrial areas. This is because it purifies indoor air by removing:

  • Formaldehyde: emitted from industrial emissions or fuel combustion
  • Benzene: from paints, industrial solvents, gasoline, and detergents

Grow Cast Iron Plants Aspidistra 1902740 7 B73A4E6F33A84B04Aba7303169F4Cb9E


3. Bathroom: Boston Fern

Germs, bacteria, and mould thrive in the warm and humid environment of our bathrooms. If left untreated, these pollutants can cause allergies and even respiratory infections! To dehumidify (and beautify) the bathroom, it’s not a bad idea to place some indoor plants in it.

Boston Fern is native to humid forests, making it an ideal plant to be kept in the bathroom. It also does an excellent job of eliminating pollutants in the bathroom, such as:

  • Xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene
  • Aerial bacteria from toilet bowls
  • Germs and mould

Boston Fern G3804Ef75B 1280


4. Bathroom: English Ivy 

English Ivy is yet another indoor plant that grows well in humid environments. If your bathroom is too small for large, leafy plants, you’ll be pleased to know that English Ivy can be grown on a ledge or in a hanging basket!

What’s more, the English Ivy also boasts air-purifying properties that help get rid of common toxins in the bathroom, including:

  • Trichloroethylene: from spray adhesives, aerosol cleaning products, cleaning wipes, and tool cleaners
  • Ammonia: from animal waste, pet stain removers, bathroom cleaners, and disinfectant sprays

Pexels Kulbir 7365049


5. Bedroom: Bamboo Palm 

Sleeping in air-conditioned bedrooms? It is likely that the air-con has removed humidity in the air while cooling the room, resulting in a dry atmosphere that causes dry skin, headaches, and other symptoms!

Other than using air humidifiers, you can also consider placing a pot of Bamboo Palm in your bedroom. The plant emits a large amount of water vapour through respiration, and can quickly increase the humidity of the room. Besides, it can also help remove toxins like xylene and toluene from the air!

Screenshot 2022 07 13 151250


6. Bedroom: Snake Plant

For those of you who are prone to allergies, placing a Snake Plant in your bedroom can improve indoor air quality and promote better sleep! This is because a Snake Plant converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night, giving you an increased oxygen supply throughout your sleep.

Not only that but this plant is also found to filter out common household toxins, which are:

  • Xylene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Benzene

Pexels Cottonbro 9707479

Which air-purifying plant are you planning to bring home? Let us know in the comments below!


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Screenshot 2022 07 13 153331

Source: Pino Nguyen
Source: The Spruce
Source: inonoyazy
Source: Kulbir
Source: plantz
Source: cottonbro

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