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Woman Almost Loses Hand When Flesh-Eating Bacteria Entered Her Thumb After Getting Manicure



Woman Almost Loses Hand When Flesh-Eating Bacteria Entered Her Thumb After Getting Manicure - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: hesstudios & Daily Mail
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A grandmother from Tennessee, US almost lost her whole arm after flesh-eating bacteria entered her thumb while she was getting a manicure at a beauty salon.

Earlier this year, Jayne Sharp got a tiny cut on her thumb as she was getting her nails done at Jazzy Nail Bar. She went home and her thumb started feeling a throbbing sensation which quickly turned into pain. Not long after, her whole hand started swelling immensely, reported Daily Mail.


Fluid filled her thumb, and the tissue started to turn black before Jayne’s eyes | Source: Daily Mail

The skin turned red and bumpy as bacteria invaded the tissue | Source: Daily Mail

Jayne initially thought she only had the flu, but after she couldn’t sleep that night, she went to the emergency department the next day and was diagnosed with a flesh-eating infection called Necrotising Fasciitis (NF) – a rare disease but extremely dangerous.

The disease is contracted when bacteria enters the body, most commonly through a scrape or minor cut and releases toxins in the body as it multiplies itself. The bacteria then kills body tissue and cuts off blood flow to that area, and because it is so poisonous, it spreads very quickly to other parts of the body.

If the sufferer isn’t treated immediately with powerful antibiotics or surgery to remove the dead tissue, the condition could most likely result in death. Often times, amputation may be needed to stop the infection from spreading to vital organs.

Source: Daily Mail

In Jayne’s case, her diabetes had caused her to be more prone to contracting Necrotising Fasciitis.

This is because diabetes interferes with the immune system which makes diabetics like Jayne less equipped to fight off the bacteria.

“The doctor told my daughter, ‘your mother could lose her life with what we think this is and there’s a likelihood she will lose her arm’,” Jayne said.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

“My life took a total turn. I couldn’t even floss my own teeth. I had never heard of such a thing when they told me it was flesh-eating bacteria.”

After her diagnosis, Jayne went through several operations to remove the infected skin from her thumb and hand and to replace the tissue with skin grafts. Although she is recovering, she still has numbness in her hands which makes everyday tasks extremely difficult.

Source: Daily Mail


Source: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, the salon she went to was found to have no problems during its annual inspection and a follow-up inspection after Jayne’s complaint.

Oh no! Good thing Jayne went to the doctor early or she could’ve lost her entire arm! Remember to always go to the doctor once you notice something unusual about your body. 


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