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WOB Tries: MAMEE X Tealive Released New Mi Goreng Boba & Here’s How It Tastes



Source: World Of Buzz

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Boba noodles are back, back again…

Just in case you didn’t know, MAMEE X Tealive has recently launched the limited edition Mi Goreng Boba cup noodle. Unlike the previous Spicy Mi Boba that has the milk tea-flavoured soup base, this Mi Goreng Boba is the combination of flavoured fried noodles with boba pearls!

This whole new Mi Goreng Boba cup noodle is so tempting, not only because it looks much tastier than the last one, but it’s also guaranteed to be “Konfem Tasty”. Did they just admit that the previous one was not?

WORLD OF BUZZ recently purchased a cup of this Mi Goreng Boba at one of the Tealive outlets in Selangor and we can’t wait to try it already! You can also buy one of these at Tealive’s online store here. The price is RM19.90 for four cups of Mi Goreng Boba.

The Mi Goreng Boba comes with four seasoning packages, including the boba pearls, and crispy krupuk. Please take note that you have to drain all water out before adding the seasonings!

Taste time! Mixed with the crispy krupuk and tiny boba pearls, this is how the Mi Goreng Boba looks like.

Surprisingly, the noodles have a sweet and sour flavour, and you still get a hint of the boba milk tea taste. It is not very spicy, and the crispy krupuk was our favourite!

To be frank, this limited edition Mi Goreng Boba is a little bit underwhelming. We still prefer the good old traditional way of savouring the delicious mi goreng and having our favourite boba milk tea separately! Nevertheless, it is still way yummier than the previous one and yes, it is worth a try!


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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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