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Why Do M’sian Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Our Hair Way Too Short?


Why Do M'Sian Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Our Hair Way Too Short? - World Of Buzz
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Everyone has been there. You go to your hairdresser in hopes of cutting just a couple of inches off your hair and suddenly you see a chunk of it on the ground and you gradually die inside as the hairdresser makes his way around your scalp, leaving an 8-inch-hair-length hole in your heart.

Why Do Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Your Hair Too Short? We Found Out - World Of Buzz 4

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We’re all thinking the same things: Why do hairdressers do this? I thought I said ‘cut A BIT only’!

Well, actually there are a few logical reasons behind this. Even though we would rather conspire that our hairdressers are evil creatures who would purposely do this to hurt us, chances are they are actually looking out for you! Without further ado, here’s what we found out:


1. You’re not communicating what you want clearly

The most common reason can be rooted in miscommunication. Clients, such as yourself, don’t realise the instructions you give are very vague. Saying “I want a simple trim” or “just get rid of the split ends” leaves a BIG room for grey areas. Some hairstylists would also assume that you’re basically giving them the freedom to do what they think is best for your hair.

Why Do Our M'sian Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Our Hair Too Short? We Find Out - World Of Buzz 1

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So technically, it’s not really their fault for cutting off a huge chunk of your hair if they’re all split ends right? You can’t get mad at them for doing what you asked for.


2. Your hair is super damaged

This next reason is a hard pill for all of us to swallow: you never realised the real condition of your hair. Just because your hair is still attached to your head doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Some of you don’t realise how badly damaged your hair really is especially if you don’t frequent the salon much, which is understandable because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Why Do Our M'sian Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Our Hair Too Short? We Find Out - World Of Buzz 3

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Hairdressers don’t actually hate long hair, it is just a lot harder to maintain (and most of us usually take it for granted). If not taken care of properly, it is very easy for you to get split ends which will then lead to frizzy hair, and eventually hair loss; which is why your hairdressers tend to advise you to cut it shorter.

Your hairstylist might not give you the length you want, but the length you NEED instead. They’re just trying to help, you know!


3. You think you know what you want, but the pros know better

Another reason behind this puzzling phenomenon is, and there really isn’t any other way to tell you this, the length you’re asking for is simply not flattering to your face. Even though you’re the client and you’re paying the hairdressers to do what you want, you need to remember that they are trained professionals and they would always know best.

Why Do Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Your Hair Too Short? We Found Out - World Of Buzz 2

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These professionals are trained to find the perfect style & length for every face shape out there. So if they go a little shorter or leave it a little longer than you desired, they’re just trying to find what flatters you most in order to make you look GOOD!


4. They are trimming a little MORE so you don’t have to come back every 2 weeks!

Imagine having the small trim that you requested but you end up having to get another cut in 2 weeks’ time. Burn money wey!

These professionals know the best length to cut at so it’ll look good even after 2-3 months. So, loosen up a bit lah.

However, there are always things that you can do to ensure your next trip to the salon won’t leave you in tears. Try to follow these pointers:

  • Be VERY specific: Keep in mind that hairstylists are not mind readers. In case you haven’t realised, “I want a trim” is not a universal code for “I want to trim just 2 inches”. So don’t be scared to tell them exactly what you want.
  • Set a limit: When communicating about your desired hairstyle, be it a cut or a colour, it is better to let your hairdressers know what they should avoid. Inform them early on the shortest length you’re willing to go for or if you’re not willing to bleach.
  • Come prepared with pictures: A picture is infinitely better than an explanation. Save yourself the hassle by showing your hairdresser a picture of the hairstyle you want and leave the rest to them.


Remember people: Hairdressers. Are. Not. Monsters. We should all try to be nicer to them and assist them so that by the time they’re done, we can all feel like the next Pantene model.

Why Do Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Your Hair Too Short? We Found Out - World Of Buzz 8


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Why Do Hairdressers Always (Frustratingly) Cut Your Hair Too Short? We Find Out - World Of Buzz

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