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Viral Indonesian News Claims M’sia “Delivered” Flood to Them Which Damaged Hundreds of Houses


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Source: YouTube | Buletin iNews

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When it comes to haze in Malaysia that happens annually, the Indonesian government is always quick to deny the forest fire that may have caused the cross-border haze.

However, Indonesian news recently claimed that the recent flood in Nunukan, North Kalimantan was “delivered” all the way from Malaysia, with the headline that said,

“Hundreds of Houses Sumberged After Malaysia delivered a flood to Nunukan, North Kalimantan”

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While it’s almost time for Malaysians to brace for the Northeast Monsoon which often leads to flash floods in certain areas, how do we “deliver” the disaster before it has even happened?

The footage from the news shows an intense water current that struck an area in North Kalimantan, with 10 other residential areas experiencing major damages due to the flood that we apparently “delivered” to them.

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Unfortunately, 1 casualty was reported after the victim was brought away by the strong current.

The water level in the residential areas was as high as 10 meters.

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“Didn’t know we have the power to control and send a flood”

Just a few days back, Malaysians were reminded by the Indonesian government to NOT blame them for the haze that is currently still happening in our country, despite the forest fire in their country. After the circulation of the news about the flood in North Kalimantan, many Malaysian netizens found it hilarious that the news outlet actually claimed that a disaster, such as the flood could be delivered.

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“Indonesia delivers the haze to us every year.”


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“I’m now a believer that some people’s IQ there is equivalent to a gorilla’s IQ.”

“We sent it? Since when has Malaysia become God and sent them the flood? Didn’t know Malaysia is capable of controlling and sending the flood to other countries.”

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“Flood delivered by Malaysia, and the haze delivered by Indonesia.”

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“Malaysia is great. We can send the flood to Indonesia. Has the newscaster forgotten about the power of the Almighty?”

“I just found out that we have the capability to send a flood to other countries.”

You can listen to the news below.

Regardless of the claiming games, we hope that the water level in the affected areas will recede soon, and pray for the situation to improve.


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