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Video Shows Road Bully Threatening Lady With Weapon After She Cut Into His Lane in Gombak



Source: Twiiter

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This is so scary!

Just yesterday (12 December), a girl went on Twitter to share how she was bullied and almost attacked by a man using a weapon on the road in Gombak. Here’s what happened!

It was on Tuesday (11 December) when the girl was driving alone at around 6.35pm before the incident happened. After she posted the video, several netizens commented saying things like,

“He wouldn’t have done that on purpose. It must have been something you did that triggered him.”

Source: Twitter

With comments like these, she proceeded to explain what actually happened. She claims she was at a traffic light in Taman Sri Gombak where there are only two lanes. A car ahead of her wanted to make a right turn while she wanted to turn into the left lane. This was when the guy in the video, who was driving behind her on the left lane started to accelerate as a sign of refusal to let her in.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

However, she managed to get into the left lane which was when she wound down her window and sarcastically showed a “thumbs up” to him because her car horn wasn’t working. He then drove his car next to her and wound down his window in a rage.

“Are you stupid?” she asked furiously, as it was a really dangerous move and could have caused an accident. “I didn’t even hit your car!” the man responded after cursing her. He then overtook her and went into the left lane, where he was now driving ahead of her. She claims that he would purposely brake at random times just to annoy her. What was even worse, she couldn’t express her annoyance at him since her car horn wasn’t working!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Coincidentally, there was a standstill in the traffic and this was when the video was recorded where it seems as if he intended to attack her. At first, he got down from his car and walk over to her car while holding a weapon she claims to be a parang.

“He saw me recording and immediately went back into his car.”

Source: Twitter

“He had the guts to do what he did just because I was a girl,” she claims in her series of tweets.

Despite who was in the wrong, he shouldn’t have threatened to attack her! Be careful on the road guys, especially if you’re driving alone. Anything could happen!


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