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Too Lazy To Clean Your Home? Here Are 5 Smart Ways To Minimise House Chores & Still Have A Tidy Home!


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Source: @thoughtworthyco & The Spruce

Who doesn’t love living in a clean home?! There’s simply no better environment to kick back and relax in after a hard day of work! 😍 On the other hand, the act of keeping our habitat clean is an entirely different ball game that we either love or hate. 😂

If you can relate to wanting to keep your home clean with minimal effort (which we can totally empathise with), then hoo boy, we’ve got a few life hacks that you’ll absolutely ADORE. No need to pay for a part-time cleaner every week! 😝

Without further ado, let us present to you SIX super simple yet effective tips for effortless home cleaning!


1. Invest in high-quality robot vacuums!


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Did you double back when you saw how much these premium robot vacuums cost? 😬 Even so, we assure you that some of them are actually worth buying! 😁 Not only will they keep your floor dust-free PROPERLY, but some can even mop at the same time. No need to vacuum AND mop as often = more time for your life!

Our advice to you is to do your research before buying one. Some of them have their own specialities, i.e. picking up pet hair efficiently, silent vacuuming, and safe for hardwood floors and carpets.


2. Now you know why minimalism is a trend 

Toplowsuds Minimalism

Apart from its philosophical and existential benefits, do you know the main reason why we love minimalism? It’s because it makes home cleaning SO MUCH easier! 😆

By keeping your decorations and furniture to a minimum, you’ll have fewer things to dust and wipe! Plus, you’ll have less obstruction in the way of your weekly chores and can get rid of even more pesky dust. Wheeee~ Can vacuum and mop so easily! ⛸️

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To take your minimalist lifestyle even further, opt for simple furniture and lighting that are easy to clean. 🍃 For instance, replace your hanging complex lighting with downlights, or opt for a wardrobe with hanging bars and less shelves. Easier to clean = less time to clean! 💯


3. Keep the dust away with an air purifier

Toplowsuds Air Purifier Dust

One thing we can never avoid in Malaysia (aside from the heat), is the build-up of annoying dust in our homes. 😤 Fortunately, we’ve been blessed by the God of air-purifiers with powerful models that specialise in dust removal; the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a good air purifier! 🥳

Keep your home type and living condition in mind when choosing your air purifier because there are different types of purifiers that solve different issues. To give some examples, you’d need a powerful one for a bigger living space, a quiet type for your bedroom, or one that even deodorises your home if you keep pets indoors. So choose wisely!


4. Always keep cleaning supplies close to where they’re needed 

Toplowsuds Cleaning Supplies

Most of us keep our cleaning supplies in the storeroom or under the sink but having to rummage through EVERYTHING and find specific ones we need can really dampen our cleaning mood. Let’s get it over with already! 🙄

Instead, we recommend storing your respective cleaning goods next to rooms that need them! ☺️ For example, if you typically use a scrub brush, multi-purpose cleaner spray and toilet cleaner liquid to clean your bathroom, then you can store them under the sink for your convenience.

Not only will this save time, but instead of waiting for spring cleaning time, you can simply do some minor cleaning when you’re in the mood! You’d be surprised how it only takes a few minutes to make each area squeaky clean with your supplies nearby. 😜


5. Worry less about your washing machine with low suds laundry detergent

Cat Washing

Did you know that the type of detergent you use affects the lifespan of your washing machine? And the fact that we rarely clean our washing machine, means our poor washer lasts shorter than it should! 😱

Apparently, using regular laundry detergent, especially foamy ones in a front load washing machine, may leave residue in your washer. This residue build-up promotes the growth of moulds, mildews and bacteria, which might make your washing machine drum smell funky. 💩 That’s a big no-no kan?

Our recommendation? Get a laundry detergent that produces low suds! 💦 With less foam, the residue can be easily rinsed off, so you don’t need to clean it as often or pay for costly maintenance. Who knew that just by using the right detergent, you can rest easy knowing that your washing machine is well taken care of. 💆🏻‍♂️


Low suds laundry detergent is that useful? Maybe I should try it out …

If you’re not sure which is the best low suds detergent to aid you in your quest for minimal house cleaning (your washing machine is part of your home too ❤️), then we have a great option for you to check out!

Toplowsuds Kv

TOP Smart Clean is a low suds detergent with High Efficiency Low Suds Tech, promising efficient and effective wash every time!

Don’t let the lack of suds fool you! TOP Smart Clean packs a punch 👊 by employing Advanced Micro-Clean Tech (AMCT) to remove up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, most notably SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19), Influenza A, and Coxsackie infection, with the latter leading to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

Toplowsuds Kv 2

On top of that, TOP Smart Clean detergent is also suitable for overnight and indoor drying! A great option for those who can’t sun dry their clothes. 

If you’re using a front-load washing machine (you know your stuff!), all the more reason to use TOP Low Suds detergent!

Front-loaders use a lot less water to wash your clothes, resulting in excess suds caused by regular laundry detergent staying on your laundry and machine drum. However, the reduced foam produced by TOP Low Suds detergent means your front loader stays clean, minimising washing machine cleaning. Plus, this may prolong your washing machine’s lifespan too!

No need to choose between liquid or powder form for your low suds laundry detergent either, as TOP Low Suds is available in both forms! 😇

If you’re already considering buying TOP Low Suds detergent, then this Buy & Win Contest just might persuade you to get onboard low suds washing today!

From 1 – 30 April, simply buy one pack of any TOP Low Suds detergent & stand to win a FREE Electrolux fridge!

Here’s how you can join this TOP Low Suds Buy & Win Contest:

Toplowsuds Liquid Contest Form Faol Front

Never settle for less with TOP Low Suds detergent! Be a smart cleaner with TOP Low Suds detergent today by getting it at Shopee Malaysia!


Source: Tenor GIF
Source: The Spruce
Source: Tenor GIF

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