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This Platform Hopes To Support Small Businesses More With 0% Service Fee! Here’s How M’sians Can Help Too


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Source: Nasi Dagang Corner & WOB

It’s oh too easy how our favourite shops can close down in this period of trying times. It’s why most Malaysians have been doing their best to frequent those that are still surviving, to help keep them running because they’re genuinely awesome places (kudos to you guys la) that deserve our support.

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Mad respect to those who support their neighbourhood shops

Now, thanks to a certain platform that wishes to do the same, there’s one more way that we can better help small businesses thrive in the existing landscape.

As part of Grab’s #SedapSukaSapot Small Businesses initiative, all small GrabFood businesses currently on Grab Online Shop can enjoy a 0% service fee!

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How small grabfood merchants probably feel

You read that right – it means that for every order we make on Grab Online Shop, our fellow shopkeepers get to keep 100% of the profits they make from their sales – Macam ordering straight from the shop je!

Plus, Grab will also be supporting the little guys even more by helping them build their own branded website – customisable according to their image too – with a unique URL to build their online presence.

The more known they are on the Net, the better their sales! Here are some of the many small GrabFood merchants on Grab Online Shop that get to enjoy such privileges:

1. The Bao Guys

Grabsmall Thebaoguys 014A

Grabsmall Thebaoguys 004

Turning an American classic into a modern Asian dish? Sounds delish! (rhyme unintended) From exotic Thai flavours to exquisite Japanese tastes, expect to savour everything sandwiched between hearty handmade steamed baos.

Grab: https://thebaoguys.grab.shop/
Instagram: @thebaoguys


2. Cotta KL

Grabsmall Cottakl 012

Grabsmall Cottakl 017

Those crazy about cheese (especially ricotta, from which the shop’s name derived) would find absolute pleasure in this almost-hidden gem at Bukit Damansara, which sells their very own in-house made ricotta cheese. Pair it with freshly-baked sourdough bread and premium Norwegian salmon, and let your taste buds ignite.

Grab: https://cotta.grab.shop/
Instagram: @cottakl


3. Nasi Dagang Corner Maggi Ketam Tomyam & Seafood

Grabsmall Nasidagangcorner 009A

Grabsmall Nasidagangcorner 004

If you have been craving fantastic Malay cuisine, look no further than Nasi Dagang Corner for their titular nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and even roti titab. Mmmm, sedap doh!

Grab: https://nasidagangcorner.grab.shop/
Instagram: @nasi_dagang_corner


4. Bean Brothers

Grabsmall Beansbrother 010

Coffee connoisseurs would find many to appreciate at this industrial coffee house in Sunway Damansara. Expect a dizzying array of coffee beans and intriguing notes, though they aren’t lacking in the food department either, featuring the likes of kimchi bokkuembap, chicken confit with truffle hollandaise sauce, and mutton curry rigatoni pasta.

Grab: https://beanbrothersmy.grab.shop/
Instagram: @beanbrothers.my


5. 270sqft

Grabsmall 270Sqft 012

Self-described as “smol space stronk coffee”, one would’ve been able to enjoy a cuppa in this cosy 270-square-feet space and clear their heads. Fortunately, their delicious coffee is still up for delivery, and don’t forget to couple your daily necessity with freshly-made bagels with either avocado pesto or salmon melt pesto.

Grab: https://270sqft.grab.shop/
Instagram: @270sqft


6. Kalico Coffee

Grabsmall Kalico 006

This minimalist neighbourhood café showcases splendid coffee, as well as an intriguing variety of baked goods and dishes – including chicken hummus panini, shakshouka, croissant sandwiches and Portuguese chicken rice for rice addicts – that’ll bring back memories of eating brunch with your friends and family pre-pandemic.

Grab: https://kalicocoffee.grab.shop/
Instagram: @kalico.coffee/


Wait, are there any other shops that we can support even more ah? 

Oh yes, that was just the start! Here’s a glimpse of even more restaurants on Grab Online Shop that you can order from with 0% service fee for them:

1. Sri Talamaz

Grabsmall Sritalamaz 006

Grab: https://sritalamaz.grab.shop/
Instagram: @sritalamaz


2. Madam Leela’s Kitchen & Catering

Grabsmall Madamleela

Grab: https://leelas.grab.shop/
Instagram: @madamleelas


3. Coffee Stain

Grabsmall Coffeestain 008A

Grab: https://coffeestain.grab.shop/
Instagram: @coffeestain.my


4. Leng Zai Bak Kut Teh (Non-Halal)

Grabsmall Lengzaibkt 008A

Grab: https://lengzaibkt.grab.shop/
Instagram: @lengzaibkt


5. Bo The Avocado

Grabsmall Botheavocado 008

Grab: https://botheavocado.grab.shop/
Instagram: @bo.the.avocado


6. bröom Artisan Bakery

Grabsmall Broom Artisan Bakery

Grab: https://broom.grab.shop/
Instagram: @broomartisanbakery


7. Beans & Yogurt (Non-Halal)

Grabsmall Beans Yogurt 008A

Grab: https://beansandyogurt.grab.shop/
Instagram: @beans.and.yogurt


8. Rush Roastery Jakel Mall

Grabsmall Rush Roastery

Grab: https://rushroastery.grab.shop/
Instagram: @rushroastery


9. Pepo Pizza

Grabsmall Pepopizza 011A

Grab: https://pepopizza.grab.shop/
Instagram: @pepo.pizza


So nice to see this many shops being able to earn more thanks to Grab’s 0% service fee implementation. If like this, we’ll definitely come out of the pandemic unscathed and be ready for normality! 

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What are you waiting for? Jom order at Grab Online Shop to get your cravings satisfied right now! And be sure to follow Grab MY and GrabFood MY on Instagram for even more promo news. #SedapSukaSapot #GrabMY #GrabFoodMY

Source: Tenor GIF
Source: The Bao Guys
Source: The Bao Guys
Source: Cotta KL
Source: Cotta KL
Source: 270sqft
Source: Sri Talamaz
Source: Coffee Stain
Source: Leng Zai BKT
Source: Pepo Pizza
Source: Tenor GIF

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