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Japanese Company Creates ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Face Masks So You Can Literally Hide Behind A Smile


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Source: Reuters & the Japan Times

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Woah, this is just like the technology used in the Mission Impossible movie series!

If you’re bored of the generic 3-ply face mask and want to try something a bit more ‘real’, then these face masks is just the thing for you! As reported by the Japan Times, a Japanese retailer has come up with a ‘hyper-realistic’ face mask that models a stranger’s features in 3D.

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The face masks, made by Shuhei Okawara is not made to protect you from the Covid-19 virus but instead would make you appear exactly like several Japanese adults of which the face mask were modelled upon. Well, if you want to wear this face mask and be protected against the virus, you need to wear a regular face mask on top of this hyper-realistic face mask.

In other words, face-mask-ception! 😛

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Okawara commented that it would be fun to ‘buy or sell faces’ and that even mask shops in Venice, Italy didn’t do something like this. He added that wearing another person’s face is more likely to happen in fantasy stories rather than in reality.

The mask will be available to purchase starting at RM3800 a piece at Okawara’s Kamenya Omote shop in Tokyo. The shop specialises in accessories for parties and theatrical performances.

As for the faces themselves, Okawara paid around RM1,570 to each model and chosen each face from applicants who sent him photos. An artisan worked on the winning face and created a 3D printer mould from it.

As of initial inquiries on the face masks, Okawara thinks that his product would be a big hit. He will be adding new faces into the mix, including some from people outside of Japan.

What do you guys think of this product? Would you purchase it? If so, why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

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