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These Outrageously Creative Food Themed Bed Sheets Are Taking Malaysia Buy Storm



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We posted several hilariously creative bed sheets and pillows on World of Buzz a few hours ago and it’s going crazy on Malaysia’s social media.

In just over 5 hours, these images were shared over 7.8k times. But then again, who wouldn’t like these insanely hilarious products?

Here’s a full gallery and information of the bed sheets and pillows:

There’s crab meat pillows. Pillows sold are all available at 3 different sizes.

There’s even a tom yum dish complete with a lime pillow

If you’re not into the food themed sheets, there’s a Koi pond for your choosing. It comes with your very own Koi fish pillow too!

Malaysians netizens were excited to see something this different. Some commented that having these food themed bed sheets will cause them to lose sleep since it’ll definitely make you hungry the whole night. While others joked that with these bed sheets, you’ll never go hungry again! Most thought it to be a great gift to give to your friends, be it a prank or a real present!

Personally? I think it’ll make a great excuse for people who drool in their sleep. Hey, at least there’s a legit reason for you to salivate all over your pillow!

Fancy a cookie pillow while you drown in your coffee bed?

Or perhaps some Macarons to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Pizza lovers, I don’t think you’ll get out of bed ever again.

These pillows are so awesome that even pets love it.

Who ever came up with this idea is a genius! 


I’m sorry guys, but these are not available in Malaysia. However, due to the overwhelming response we’re receiving, we’ll reach out to these sellers and hopefully bring them in! So you guys can finally drool on your bed peacefully.

So make sure to follow us. We’ll post the updates on our page after the seller gets back to us. *I want my very own prawn bolster too!*

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