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The Silver Lining: M’sians Share 4 Ways The MCO Has Actually Made Their Lives Better


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Our lives are slowly but surely returning back to normal as more Malaysians are getting vaccinated and the economy is opening back up again. Dining in and inter-state travel is allowed again!

Eventually, the MCO will be long gone but we will never forget the impact it had on our lives. In particular, the way the lockdown actually made our lives much easier! Let’s have a look at four ways the MCO actually impacted our lives for the better:


1. If you have a sudden craving or you’re missing one particular ingredient while cooking, you can just get it delivered 

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Whether you need some groceries from the supermarket or have a sudden boba craving late at night, you can satisfy all your needs with the tap of a button. Thanks to MCO, more and more businesses have brought their services online and it has truly made life easier.

No more weekly grocery runs, hour-long queues at the counter, or spending 20 minutes just searching for parking nearby your favourite boba store. Yay to innovation! 


2. Less travelling & cafe-hopping means we get to save our hard-earned money! 


Ever since lockdown started back in March, international borders were closed and dine-ins weren’t allowed which meant we couldn’t travel or go cafe-hopping on the weekends. As it turns out, it was actually a blessing in disguise!

Why? Because we actually managed to save all the money we would’ve used to travel or eat at pretty cafes, not cheap ok! 

With that said, now that everything is opening back up and we can travel again, the money we saved up can go into a much needed (SOP-compliant) year-end holiday! Wooh!


3. We minimise the risk of getting the common cold since we’re required to wear a mask and sanitise our hands 

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Let’s be real, ever since you started wearing a mask whenever you’re out in public, you’ve never caught a cold, right?

Masks protect us from the Covid-19 virus but it also helps to protect us from the typical cold or flu we’d experience at least once a year. Plus, sanitising your hands every few minutes helps too! We are officially (and proudly) germaphobes now. 🧴


4. Everything can be done online now, such as paying your bills from your phone! 

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“I enjoyed the trip to the post office to pay my bills,” said no one ever. It’s such a hassle to drive to the post office plus you also have to wait in line just to do basic necessities such as paying your bills!

Since the post offices weren’t open during the MCO, many of us started paying our bills online and soon discovered that we should’ve done this sooner. It’s much faster, easier and you don’t have to travel!

Sounds simpler, right?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of switching to digital bills, then you’re going to love Boost’s new bill payment features!

With BoostBills, you can now view how much is your outstanding balance, pay and manage your bills all in one place! It’s fast, easy and super convenient, hooray! 💸🥳

Trust us, once you start paying your bills with the Boost app, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Read on to know more about these new features:


Manage, pay and schedule your bill payments with BoostBills today! 

We are all lovers of the Boost app with all the amazing features such as QR payments, parking payments and so on. It’s just made our lives that much easier! Now, something as mundane as paying off your monthly bills can be even simpler with BoostBills too!

With just one tap, you can manage all your bills in one place including your phone bill, electricity bill, water bill and even your Astro bill. 🤩


Now, let’s take a closer look at how the new features under BoostBills can help you:


Viewbills 03 E1634114153983

Viewing bills in the past was such a hassle – rummaging through the mailbox, keeping track of bills sent via email or having to use different apps to check all your bills… ugh!

Thankfully with ViewBills on the Boost app, you won’t have to deal with any of that!

  • You can immediately check your outstanding balance and due date every month, yasss!
  • You’ll be able to view bills from these billers – Celcom Postpaid, Astro, Air Selangor, Sarawak Energy, Indah Water and many more!* 

*Be sure to check out the Boost app from time to time as they’ll be adding more billers to the list! 

To utilise ViewBills, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Boost app & tap on ‘Pay Bills’ > ‘Accept ViewBills’
  2. Select your desired biller
  3. Add your ‘selected biller’

That’s it! Not you can view your bills.



Autobills 02 E1634114346979

We’ve all been there before, life gets so hectic that we just forget to pay our bills sometimes. Then, our phone lines gets barred or the internet gets disconnected 😑

Say goodbye to all that now that AutoBills is in your life!

  • You can schedule & automate all your bill payments!
  • Have a set amount to pay every month? Just set up the default amount and let AutoBills deduct it for you monthly!
  • If you enable both AutoBills and ViewBills, the bills will be paid based on the outstanding amount that is indicated via the ViewBills feature. More accurate payments = less worrying 👏🏻

To utilise AutoBills, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Boost app & tap on ‘Pay Bills’ > ‘Manage AutoBills’
  2. Go to BoostBills & tap ‘Setup Recurring Payment’
  3. Select your preferred bill
  4. Fill in the details of your Recurring Payment
  5. Use your PIN or Touch Sensor to confirm & enjoy automatic bill payment



Multibills 03 E1634114499911

It’s quite a headache to keep track of all your bills, right? Sometimes, we even put off paying our bills cos paying them one by one is just SUCH a hassle!

Paying your bills individually is so 2019! With MultiBills, your life will be much easier!

  • You can pay off multiple bills at one go with MultiBills, super convenient!
  • MultiBills acts as a shopping cart, you’ll be able to add all your bills into a basket and pay it off ALL IN ONE GO! 🎉

Woah, amazing!

To utilise MultiBills, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Boost app & tap on ‘Pay Bills’ > ‘Pay Multiple Bills’
  2. Select your desired biller
  3. Use your PIN or Touch Sensor to confirm

That’s it! Easy peasy

The best part of all is that if you use BoostBills to pay your mobile postpaid bills, you’ll get RM9 cashback!!  😱💰

Do note that this is only for first-time users!

Who doesn’t love rewards for doing simple things like paying bills, right? 😉 Plus, if you’re a UMobile user, you’re also in for a treat!

Pay your UMobile postpaid bill with Boost and enjoy 5% unlimited cashback! 🎉

Woohooo! These campaigns end on the 31st of December 2021 so make sure you start using BoostBills now!

Yassss! Thanks to BoostBills, paying your bills on time has never been easier 👏🏻


As we mentioned above, the restricted movements during lockdown have actually benefitted us in multiple ways. Did you ever think you can manage, pay and schedule bills for different billers all within one app?! Plus, you can even earn cashback just by paying your bills!

To know more about Boost, be sure to visit their website today! Or if you want to get started on your Boost journey right away, download the app now!


Source: iStock Photo
Source: iStock Photo
Source: iStock Photo

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