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“That plot twist though” This K-Drama Parody Is Full Of Surprises & M’sians Are Loving It!


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Source: myTukar

Recently, a newly released Korean short film, “The Good Bad Son”, has attracted the attention of many Malaysian netizens. Despite being just two minutes long, the short film has already garnered more than a million views at the time of writing! 

It goes without saying that this short film is highly regarded by netizens:

Screenshot 2023 10 30 100817

Curious about the short film that’s sweeping Malaysian netizens off their feet? Let us spill the beans! 


Our jaws dropped at the plot twist 

Screenshot 2023 10 26 125839

“The Good Bad Son” opens with a family conversation over the dining table. A son rejects a blind date arranged by his mother, and this quickly escalates into a heated argument between the two! Don’t worry, there are no kimchi slaps happening (we wish though!). 

As the son declares his love for someone else, his mother dismisses his feelings, convinced that he’s clueless about love. Undaunted, he demands the right to chart his own path in life. 

Screenshot 2023 10 26 125922

If you think that true love will always prevail, you’re not exactly wrong. But boy were we taken for a ride with the plot twist (it’s a makjang drama after all)! K-drama fans, don’t take our word for it — experience this short film for yourself!


No drama, just quality used cars

Did you manage to guess the plot twist? If you did, you must have an eye for K-dramas! It turns out that this short film was produced by myTukar (an online trading platform for secondhand cars) that promises “No drama. Just quality used cars.”

Ccpo Creative

They’re also known for putting their cars through an in-house certification process, ensuring buyers bring home their dream cars in top-notch quality! When buyers pick myTukar Certified cars, they’re assured of:

  • Stringent 160-point inspection
  • Five-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty for engine and gearbox
  • No major accidents, fire, and flood damage
  • No mileage tampering

No wonder the son in “The Good Bad Son” turns to myTukar in pursuit of his one true love!

Screenshot 2023 10 26 135948


A golden opportunity to win an iPhone 15 

Wait, there’s more excitement in store: myTukar is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a spectacular giveaway! 

From now until 30th November, get your dream car from myTukar and stand to win an iPhone 15! 

Yes, you read that right — a total of six lucky customers can walk away with not only quality cars but also a brand-new iPhone 15! Just buy your dream car from myTukar and you will be automatically enrolled for the lucky draw.

20231027 164500


In addition to “The Good Bad Son”, myTukar has two more short films lined up, which are Cantonese and Thai horror parodies! So stay tuned to their YouTube channel or Instagram for more exciting cinematic experiences, okay?

For more information about myTukar, visit their official website. Don’t forget to follow myTukar on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!