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Syed Saddiq Declares Assets of RM1.9 MILLION Including His ‘Priceless’ Cats Toby & Meow Meow


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Source: Kosmo & Syed Saddiq | Facebook

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When it comes to an asset declaration, people often include their high value items such as specific watches, cars, jewellery and property.

But as they say, beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder and for some, what is considered valuable is not for others.

Recently, MUDA president and incumbent Muar MP Syed Saddiq revealed his declaration of assets making him the first member in his party to do so.

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In a press conference last night, Saddiq declared a net asset value of RM1.9 million. Surprisingly, he also included his 2 ‘priceless’ cats named “Toby” and “Meow Meow” in his asset declaration.



Meanwhile, he said that the assets were acquired before and after joining politics and during his tenure as Youth and Sports Minister.

The amount includes RM45,000 cash in his possession as well as other investments worth RM1.2 million.

He also owns a Yamaha NVX motorcycle worth RM8,500 in addition to financing his brother’s vehicle and a second-hand Pinarello bicycle worth RM8,000.



Among the other assets declared included a condominium unit in Kuala Lumpur worth RM880,000 still under construction and his right of 50% ownership of his family home in Elmina, Shah Alam.

“I don’t own assets abroad, no land, I don’t have expensive watches, I don’t have fancy clothes and I don’t have an overseas bank account.”

“When I was a minister, none of my family members received any advantage, in fact, the ministry’s project tenders were all made openly,” he explained.


Urged other former Ministers to make their assets public

Saddiq also urged all other former Ministers to declare their assets because the people have the right to know.



“That’s why the declaration of assets is important, so that the people know where the funds come from, whether it comes from the awarding of contracts, from ministerial posts, from the government, all of this can be traced. If you enter politics to get contracts, better not enter politics,” he stated.

“I know that after this there will be critics and I accept criticism and suggestions with an open heart, but I hope that these criticisms and suggestions will also pressure others to declare their assets and property.”

When asked if other MUDA candidates contesting in GE15 will also declare their assets, Saddiq said they will all do so in the near future.

“I am the first candidate (for MUDA to declare assets), the other MUDA candidates will start declaring their assets, one by one, ” he explained.


Would you consider your pets also as priceless? Would you also include them in an asset declaration if you were to ever have to do one?



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