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Suffering from Midday Slump? Here Are 4 Things M’sians Can Do To Combat It!


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Source: Tri Vo & Tim Samuel

Got food coma every single time after lunch? Or does your energy level suddenly go downhill when it’s afternoon? Most of us confirm go through this every day without fail, and it suckssssss. But don’t reach for your third cuppa just yet! We’ve scoured the Net for you, and narrowed down a handful of effective AND healthier methods to help you power through the rest of your day.


1. Meditating back your energy

Ribenajelly Meditate

We already know meditation helps clear our heads and refocus, but more importantly, it doesn’t have to be boring! The beauty of meditation is that we can choose to do it however we like, as long as it’s soothing. From active yet gentle activities like walking or stretching to chanting calming mantras, it can even be as simple as focus listening to your favourite song or concentrating on your hot tea! Just five minutes of this truly does wonders for your energy lapse.


2. Kacau your colleagues lorh

Ribenajelly Social

Chances are your fatigue is caused by one of the most dangerous things in the world: BOREDOM! So don’t try to force yourself to work, and go disturb your colleagues instead 😝, as long as they aren’t busy, of course. From dishing hot goss or complaining about bosses to pulling off silly pranks, any socialising is bound to restart your brain and give you the inspiration you need to werk! Effective AND fun!


3. Time to shine as a desk yogi! 

Ribenajelly Yoga Desk

No, you don’t have to stand on your table to do desk yogas AND it’s super easy! These extremely simple stretches, such as rolling your shoulders and twisting in your chair, can be done in 10 minutes – confirm you’ll feel a huge relief in your body and gain the energy boost you sorely need. Also, remember to take deep breaths when going through the poses, so that your muscles get more oxygen and relax.


4. Get your munchies on and re-energise!

Ribenajelly Jelly Bears

Did you know that the act of chewing can actually ramp up your alertness and energy? It’s been scientifically proven to stimulate more blood flow to your brain wei. So go crazy snacking on healthy food like fruits, chewing gum or munching on your favourite jelly snack, the possibilities are endless! Who knew such a simple everyday thing can be so energising?


Bid your midday slumps “fare thee well”!

As potong stim as midday slumps get, it’s our bodies reminding us to rest and take a break from work, so might as well do it the fun way lah kan? Speaking of resting and shaking up the daily mundaneness, why not join in the latest trend of fun-filled jelly craze AND get the nutrition you need to brighten your day?

Ribenajelly Pose

Jom shake up your boring workdays with Ribena Jelly Drink, a unique snack drink that’s rich in Vitamin C and lifts your spirits with its satisfying jelly texture!

Wonder if it works? Our firsthand experience screams “Yasssss!”. When we were coming down with lethargy around 2/3PM, we decided to try out Ribena Jelly Drink together to see if it actually works, and hoooo boy, we were surprised by how much more awake we became after drinking/eating this quirky snack!

Ribenajelly Pack Relax 2

Not only did Ribena’s refreshing blackcurrant juice (especially when it’s cold!), well, freshen us up, but it was soooo fun shaking the jelly loose with our friends – we burst out laughing at how our other colleagues looked puzzled by our antics, but whatever lah, it was fun! We initially had trouble drinking it, but then we realised we had to Shake AND Squeeze out its nifty jelly goodness to enjoy it to its fullest.

Ribenajelly Pack Cheers

Our favourite part was how it quenched our thirst AND gave us something to munch on oh-so satisfyingly at the same time! And with the fact that it’s packed with Vitamin C, we happily munched away without any guilt, not to mention that the jelly kept us full allll the way until dinner.

So, if you’re not in on the latest jelly craze yet, there’s simply no better time than now to try out Ribena Jelly Drink!

Ribenajelly Pack Shot

To turn up your mood even more, Ribena Jelly Drink is also giving you the chance to win a pair of FREE GSC movie tickets @ Watsons & 7-Eleven until 28 Feb!

Here’s how you can join in the fun:

a) 7-Eleven

Ribenajelly 7E Qr Code

  1. Purchase TWO packs Ribena Jelly at any 7-Eleven outlet.
  2. Scan the QR code above.
  3. Upload a pic of your receipt & submit your personal details.

T&C apply. While stocks last.


b) Watsons

Ribenajelly Watsons

  1. Purchase TWO Ribena Jelly in-store or online at Watsons Malaysia.
  2. Take a creative photo of how you’d enjoy Ribena Jelly and take a pic of your receipt.
  3. WhatsApp your pictures and personal details to 017-7470037.

T&C apply. While stocks last.

Ribenajelly Pack Reading

Excited to Shake Up The Boring? Come get this little bundle of joy at all 7-Eleven and Watsons outlets in Malaysia for your mid-day slump cure!


Source: Tri Vo
Source: Mimi Thian
Source: 123RF
Source: Tim Samuel
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Source: WOB
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