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Stupid Things Malaysian Couples Fight About



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It can be said with the utmost of confidence that this is the most well-known, age-old, “uh-duh!” adage: All couples fight… and usually over the silliest of things. Thus the suggestion that an occurrence of such is the norm. That it is, in fact, an inevitable and very ordinary circumstance when one is in a relationship. So what makes the stupid things Malaysian couples fight about particularly extra-ordinary?

Let’s start things off with what is probably the most common debate, especially for Malaysians…



1. Where to eat

The root of this argument is probably due to the fact that we are spoiled for choice in this fair country when it comes to food choices. At least that’s what you might think. The real silly truth is that one person apparently wants to avoid making a dent on their wallet, so suggests an unromantic place like a Nasi Kandar stall, perhaps. Then the other one longs to go to somewhere more fancy, that serves Western food most likely.

Then ususally, it’s when one person wants to satisfy the other, but at the same time, have their own cravings pleased as well.

Typical scenario:

A: Where do you wanna eat?
B: I don’t know. Anywhere la.
A: Hawker stall?
B: Don’t feel like it leh. What about mamak?
A: We just had it yesterday.

And the conversation goes on without anyone making a decision, and probably wasting petrol as you circle around an area for minutes without a conclusion as where to go.

Compromise? KFC, anyone?


2. Where to sit in a restaurant


For the “heatedly passionate” couples, even this can be a cause for a bad evening out. Reasons? It’s too hot for al fresco dining but the air-conditioner inside is blasted to freezing temperatures. So why are we eating in KFC in the first place?!


3. Directions


Ah, yes. The other well-known, age-old adage: Men won’t admit it when they are lost, and women can’t grasp the “simple” thing why asking for directions is a sin. But for Malaysians, especially KLites, there is another direction to the argument: which route we should have taken to avoid this traffic jam we are in. It is unfathomable how arguing about that would get us out of the jam in the first place yet here we are, now arguing about what time we should have driven out! Conclusion? Wait it out with some tunes on the radio and also the bickering of your partner.


4. Which radio station to listen to


There really is no point to this argument, notably for the English language music listeners. Maybe you switched his or her music that she was enjoying, but that song has been playing forever and you were just sick listening to it. As the running joke goes, Hitz.fm and Fly.fm play the same d@#m thing on a loop! So… how about listening to Traxx.fm? Ever heard of it?


5. What to watch

Couple Fighting Over Remote Control

This particular debate is applicable to both TV when snuggling indoors on a lazy Sunday and the cinema when on a movie date. Deciding on what movie to watch together should really not be a problem now that we can just wait for the next “Avengers” installment. Just, let’s not go for “Gone Girl” type of movies – imagine the calamities of that war of words! What to watch on TV, on the other hand, can not be so simply solved. It doesn’t help that Astro have channels that are supposedly designed for each gender, like Diva, TLC, and Eve for the ladies and KIX and, safe to say, all sports channels for the gentlemen. Compromise? One, two, jus! Or let’s see what’s on the movie channels…



6. Whose favourite football team is better than the other


For a nation of football-crazed fans, sporty trash talk is bound to infect everyone, even for couples. This, regrettably has no solution, however really ridiculous the existence of the argument may be. Why? Because all football-crazed fans refuse to hear each other out, including yours truly, who possess the self-same stubbornness and passion for their beloved team.



7. What to do?

Istock 000015859900Medium

When it’s supposedly to be a nice day out for both of you but it turns into hell. You cannot decide where to go and you both deliberate over the options. Maybe she wants to go to a mall, he wants to go rockclimbing. Neither can agree and the most dangerous word is used: “Whatever la” or “Anything la”. You know all hell is going to break loose after that.



8. Sensitive to insecurities

Iranian Singles Dating

Well, there’s not much to say to this because everyone knows it all too well. Maybe he was upset you were texting a guy friend, or she was mad because you commented on another girls’ picture. This is something many couple have to work out themselves and establish a trust to avoid any petty arguments spiraling into a huge one.


9. “What do you mean when you say that”

What Did You Say Gif

… is the usual response after, usually, the guy just gave a compliment to his girl. How really funny it is to think that “Wah, you look so nice today!” can elicit a, “Why? Other days I didn’t look nice, is it?” But while we are on the subject, “Nampak sihat, je” is not a compliment. The meaning of that utterance is as clear as day…

Definitely got the guy going like..



10. Wrong use of tone

091123123740 Arguing Couple2

The ultimate reason all couples get into an argument. A simple statement or question with an accident slip of tone will spark another pandemonium between the two.

Simplest scenario:
A: How was your day?
B: Fine.

Do you see how a mere question and answer read with a wrong tone could cause quite an uproar?

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