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S’pore Lady Bites Something Hard While Enjoying Boba Pearls, Turns Out It’s a Broken Fingernail



Source: Stomp

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“…I was drinking and chewing on some pearls then I bit on something hard.”

That’s something you wouldn’t want to encounter while you enjoy your dose of boba.

Apparently, the “something hard” was a FINGERNAIL. This horrifying experience was shared by an anonymous Singaporean on Stomp yesterday (8th November). According to the confession, this incident happened on 5 November, when Anon purchased a cup of “green milk tea” from KOI at Serangoon’s NEX shopping mall.

After chewing on the hard “object”, her first instinct was to take it out and have a look. It was a piece of small YELLOW nail, and it somewhat looked like a pinky nail because of its size. EWW.

Source: Stomp

THAT is a long piece of broken nail.

When she found out about the broken fingernail in her drink, she was already back at her office. Thus, she called the boba outlet to lodge a complaint, hoping for the shop to take it seriously.

However, she was responded with:

“We’re very sorry, can you come down to NEX and we’ll give a new drink?”

Anon expressed that hygiene was a serious issue, and she hoped that it shouldn’t be taken lightly. So the shop offered a full refund AND a new drink. Traumatised from chewing on the fingernail, it made her sick in her stomach and she forced herself to vomit, hoping she would feel better.

Source: Stomp

She did receive the full refund and a new drink on the same day when a man delivered these items to her office. Upon receiving Stomp’s query, KOI Singapore made a statement regarding this incident and they apologised to Anon.

We feel so sorry for Anon to have to experience this traumatising event, and hopefully, she will still be able to enjoy boba in the future. Hygiene is not something to be taken lightly, and it seems like stricter regulations should be implemented! 🤮


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