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“Showering without me, RM45.20” – M’sian Imposes ‘Punishable Offenses’ Rules to BF With Fines


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Source: X | ciraplaici & 123RF

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A relationship shouldn’t consume your emotions or change your identity, and it most certainly shouldn’t come with a list of “punishable offenses.”

A viral tweet by @ciraplaici recently shows a Malaysian woman who came up with a whopping 20 rules that she expected her partner to follow. Any violations are bound to be punished with respective “fines”. If her man goes out without informing her, that’s an RM38.45 fine and if he cheats on her, that’s RM100.50. Here’s a list of punishable offenses that her man (or her future partners) are expected to abide by.

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  • Smoking (RM98.01)
  • On a call with another woman (RM99.8)
  • Argue (RM35.60)
  • Scolding (RM83)
  • Getting mad (RM88.10)
  • Showering without her (RM45.20)
  • A day without calls (RM78.45)
  • Not talking to each other (RM62)
  • No kisses (RM100)
  • Bluetick chat (RM30.85)
  • Saved another girl’s number (RM99.99)
  • Keeping issues to yourself (RM83.21)
  • Not sending selfies (RM74.60)
  • Hang up on her (RM35)
  • Not wishing her anything (RM59.30)
  • Wearing shorts on dates (RM77.10)
  • Not taking medications (RM5.70)
  • Racing (RM1000)

The woman ended her list of punishable offenses with a reminder, “That’s all from me.”

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That’s a lot of rules to remember for the man, and what an investment for the woman who might make a lot of money by just being in a relationship, assuming her man is willing to “pay for the price.”

“I might as well just cheat”

The post has gone viral not only on X but also on other social media where it has been reposted by multiple public groups, and netizens, as expected, were baffled to see such rules being implemented in a relationship, which shouldn’t be a burden to both parties.

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“It’s not rounded off because it’s for service charge and tax, is it?”

“Why is she using sen?”

“This is killing me.”

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“Is she stupid? It’s only RM5.7 for not taking medications. She obviously wants him dead.”

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“Give me 1,001 rules and I’ll happily violate all.”

“Punishment for race is more expensive than cheating. I might as well just cheat.”

“Can’t she round off the price? It’s stressing me out.”

To all lovebirds out there, do you implement any rules or boundaries that come with a “price”?


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