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Shoes Made Of Tebu & 4 Other Amazing Usages Of Sugarcane That M’sians Would Never Imagine!



Source: World Hoppin' & Timberland

Sugarcane is definitely enjoyed by many Malaysians, especially for the naturally sweet and refreshing juice it produces. But did you know that apart from its juice, sugarcane is also an eco-friendly material that is often utilised to produce other sustainable products?

From plastics to even shoes, read on to find out interesting ways this versatile plant can be used that most Malaysians probably would never have imagined!


1. Organic source for paper

The great thing about sugarcane is that not only is the content beneficial for us, but the byproducts can also be utilised in many ways! For instance, after sugarcane has been processed and all the juice is extracted, the stem can be turned into a byproduct called bagasse.

This is how bagasse looks like.

Bagasse has a dry and pulpy texture to it and can be used in the exact same way wood pulp is used, which is why it’s possible to be made into paper!

A comparison between regular paper (left) and sugarcane paper (right). No difference right?


2. Eco-friendly & renewable biofuel

Believe it or not, sugarcane can also be turned into biofuel! This originates from the process of fermenting the sugarcane to produce molasses (a thick, sweet and syrupy liquid). From there, it is processed and turned into an alcohol-based fuel called ethanol.

Ethanol has already become a leading renewable fuel for the transportation sector as it is clean, affordable and low in carbon. Not only will it provide us with an eco-friendly option for fuel, but ethanol can also reduce our overall dependence on oil.


3. Plant-based alternative to packaging

One of the latest inventions of sugarcane is turning it into sustainable packaging. As we’ve mentioned before, sugarcane can be used to produce plant-based alcohol called ethanol, which is already widely used in many products. But a recent discovery found that ethanol can also be turned into a more eco-friendly version of polyethylene, which is the original oil-based component found in normal packaging materials!

Some companies have also come up with fully compostable packaging using this same process. This has just further proven how versatile sugarcane is!


4. A natural substitute for sugar

One of the most popular usages for sugarcane is as a natural substitute for sugar. As we’ve mentioned before, sugarcane can be turned into molasses, which is then processed to become a sugar substitute.

What’s great about it is that it has a lot more benefits than regular sugar due to its high content of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. As a result, it can improve our energy, keep us in a good mood, and more.

Of course, experts would still advise consuming any type of sweeteners moderately, okay!


5. A stylish and comfortable pair of sneakers

Remember when we said sugarcane can be made into packaging? By using that same process, sugarcane can also be moulded into becoming the soles of shoes. With the current rise of fast fashion, using sustainable materials like sugarcane in this way certainly provides a greater, ‘greener’ alternative for all of us.

In fact, renowned fashion brand, Timberland, has recently launched the latest addition to their eco-friendly collections and the main component of this collection is definitely turning heads!

Called the GreenStride™, this collection features stylish sneakers with comfortable soles made of sugarcane and natural rubber.

Available for both men and women, these sneakers will not only look good but will also feel good on your feet. This is because sugarcane is used to create the foam of the soles to ensure comfort in every step.

Apart from sugarcane, the usage of responsibly sourced natural rubber also contributes a huge point to the “green” factor of these shoes. Did you know that some shoes can take up to 80 years to decompose because of the plastic rubber in their soles? Thus, this new technology by Timberland has definitely created an amazing eco-friendly solution to this problem.

Just check out this video to get a better idea!

Another interesting fact about this collection is the fact that these shoes are made with 75% renewable natural materials, such as:

  • Better Leather, leather material sourced from ethical tanneries.
  • ReBOTL™ fabric that’s made of at least 50% recycled plastics.

Along with the GreenStride™ sneakers, this collection will also feature a few performative pieces such as this Ecoriginal waterproof jacket that is made of ReBOTL™ fabric which contains 100% recycled plastic while the lining is made of TimberDry™ waterproof lining that is made of 70% recycled plastic.

Would you have guessed that this was made almost entirely from plastic? Just look at how these influencers are styling these pieces. Who knew being eco-friendly could look so good?!

@lofstedtdudeLooking fly from KL to Melaka!🤭 malaysians, watch til the end, comment!🤫🇲🇾 #TimberlandMY #Greenstride #NatureNeedsHeroes #malaysia @@timberland♬ CIAO – MK Verse – Joe Flizzow

The good news is, this collection is already available and you can check them out in person at any Timberland store near you! Speaking of which, Timberland is also having an in-store event that you would not want to miss.

From 26th March onwards, you can catch an interactive comic inspired by the GreenStride™ collection.

The interactive comic will feature interesting storylines about the power of mother nature and you can even choose to be one of the characters to unlock some exclusive chapters. So, be sure to drop by the nearest Timberland store to experience this! And don’t forget to follow all the necessary SOPs as you do so okay!

For more information about the GreenStride™ collection or to purchase them, you can head over to their website here.


Would you prefer to use these sustainable products rather than the regular ones? Share with us below!

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