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“Saw it on AliExpress!” – Balenciaga & Lay’s RM8,164 Potato Chip Bag Draws Amusing Reactions


Chip Bag
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When it comes to fashion, many people may struggle to understand it as it is such a subjective topic. Balenciaga is a famous luxury brand that has increased its reputation over the years. The headquarters of Balenciaga lies in Paris, France, the land of many other designer goods.

Just recently, the luxury brand announced that they’ve collaborated with Lay’s potato chips. In their recent runway show, Balenciaga featured their Lay’s Potato Chip inspired bag.

Image 1 E1665554273147


The brand has created 3 bags that looks like an exact replica of the potato chip’s bag. The collection comes in 3 colours which are:

  • Red/Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow

This new handbag features a zipper on the top and the brand’s logo Balenciaga on the centre. For anyone who is interested in the potato chip handbag, the bag is now priced at US$1,800 (RM8,164).

Unnamed File 1 2


Netizens had amusing reactions

Many netizens were shocked to see the bag featured on the recent fashion runway and mentioned that AliExpress, an online shopping platform have been selling these for years and for much cheaper.

Image 720 12


“I’ve seen bags like these before on AliExpress for a few years now.”

Img 4733


“If someone sees me with a pack of chips in my hands, know (that) this is a handbag!“, commented a user.

“But why?”

Img 4735

Img 4734


Another commented, “I remember when I was in school we had these as pencil cases.”

Img 4729


Meanwhile, another user shared a picture of a bag of Ruffles and wrote, “I’m going to make my own after I finish eating this.”

Img 4728


Fashion is a rather subjective art and expression, would you spend over RM8,000 for a handbag? 


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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
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Source: Facebook

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