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Saving Tips 101: 7 Unpopular Ways M’sians Can Earn GrabRewards Points To Get The Best Bang For Their Buck!



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These days, there are so many smarter ways to shop. The best way is when you can get more savings and rewards with every purchase you make. Believe it or not, it’s possible! And super simple too! The key is to make sure that every transaction is made with your GrabPay Wallet at participating merchants, instead of the usual cash, debit/credit cards or other e-wallets, so that you can earn GrabRewards Points!

The more GrabRewards Points you accumulate, the more perks you get to enjoy! Whether you’re looking to redeem discount vouchers or Partner Rewards, you can do so with your GrabRewards Points. You can even save when you use your GrabRewards Points whenever you pay with GrabPay online or offline. What’s more, you can also use your Points to offset payments for future purchases, GrabFood orders, GrabCar rides and more! The possibilities are endless!

Want to know more? Here are seven easy ways you can make the most out of your GrabPay Wallet!

1. Spend with your GrabPay Wallet when shopping online

Grab Delivery 750X430 1

Many Malaysians don’t realise that you can now opt to pay with GrabPay Wallet while you’re shopping online (and nope, we don’t just mean when you order through the Grab app). GrabPay Wallet is now supported by many of your favourite online portals like Zalora, Fashion Valet, Al-Ikhsan and more! So instead of using online banking or debit/credit cards, utilise your GrabPay Wallet to earn GrabRewards Points!

Plus, Grab also holds monthly campaigns where you can get different rewards just by spending with GrabPay Wallet. For instance, they have an ongoing Power Up Campaign where you can earn even more GrabRewards Points for your spending when you shop on the last day of every month!


2. Going shopping offline (in-stores)? You can still pay with your GrabPay Wallet

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Just because you’re spending offline, doesn’t mean you can’t use your e-wallet. In fact, in this post-MCO era, it’s even safer to go cashless. And it is super easy to do so especially now that you can use your GrabPay Wallet at any merchant with a DuitNow QR code!

If you didn’t already know, DuitNow is Malaysia’s National QR Standard and many merchants are now adopting this QR code as a way to go cashless. The good news is that DuitNow QR is supported by GrabPay Wallet too! All you have to do is scan a GrabPay DuitNow QR code at any GrabPay Preferred Merchant with your Grab app and you’ll instantly earn GrabRewards Points. FYI, no other bank or e-Wallet DuitNow QR offers points like this so make sure you take advantage of this new GrabPay DuitNow QR function, okay!

You can also use this chance to earn more GrabRewards Points while grocery shopping because when you pay with GrabPay, you #SureGotGrabRewardsPoints! By the way, GrabPay Wallet is accepted at most major supermarkets now, such as:

  • Aeon Big
  • Ben’s Independent Grocer
  • Econsave
  • Giant
  • HeroMarket
  • Mydin
  • Tesco
  • Village Grocer… and many other supermarkets around the country!

Bonus tip: you can also link your GrabPay Wallet to FavePay to double your rewards through cashback as well as GrabRewards Points! 


3. Always opt to use your GrabPay Wallet when using Grab services

049A0938 Edit

As we’ve mentioned previously, when we pay using our GrabPay Wallet, we can truly maximise each transaction by earning points and accumulating them to save more later on. And what better way to do that than with Grab’s other services! You want food? There’s GrabFood. E-hailing? Book a GrabCar. Groceries? GrabMart has everything you need. Even courier services, cleaning services, getting top-ups, paying insurance and so many other services are available on the app!

Plus, there is the PayLater service by Grab where you can choose to pay in full the next month. This will be super useful when you have to make those big purchases. And before you ask, this service is interest-free and there are no fees or upfront payments needed. Super convenient, right? 😍


4. Sign up for the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card

Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Cardface

  • What is the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card?

Did you know that Grab has launched its own credit card with Maybank? The card actually functions like a normal credit card which means you can use it both online and offline. However, if you use this credit card on your Grab app, you’ll get to truly maximise its perks:

  • Earn 5x GrabRewards Points for every RM1 spent on Grab.
  • Get a sign-up bonus where you’ll receive 1,000 welcome GrabRewards Points.
  • Get RM50 worth of GrabFood and GrabCar vouchers with a minimum spend of RM300 within 45 days of card approval.

And more! It’s also super convenient to apply since you can do it online via the Maybank2u app or by visiting this page.

  • Earn up to 8x GrabReward Points for every RM1 spent with the credit card

Once you’ve received your credit card, you can start earning your way to becoming a platinum-tier member where you can earn up to 8x GrabRewards Points for every RM1 spent! How? Well ICYMI, every Grab member earns different amounts of GrabRewards Points based on their tiers as follows:

  • Normal & silver members – 1.5 points for every RM1
  • Gold members – 2.25 points for every RM1
  • Platinum members – 3 points for every RM1

This means, if you’re a platinum Grab member and you also own the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card, you can earn 8x GrabRewards Points for every RM1 spent when you top up with this credit card! Imagine all the savings! 


5. Participate in campaigns & challenges organised by Grab

Image From Ios 58

Of course, when you shop online and opt to pay with GrabPay Wallet, you’re getting more value for your money since you can receive GrabRewards Points with every transaction. But a very helpful tip to maximise these points is to make sure that you keep an eye out for special campaigns and challenges!

Grab would often partner up with various banks (Maybank, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.) to hold a campaign where you can earn more rewards if you’re a cardholder of that specific bank. But how do you know what campaign is going on? Just make sure you keep yourself updated by visiting this page to find out all about the latest campaigns organised by Grab.

Bonus tip: these campaigns would usually go on for a limited time only so make sure to participate while you can!


6. Convert points from other loyalty programmes into GrabReward Points

Istockphoto 1178781904 612X612.jpg 1

Did you know that there is a new feature that allows you to convert your loyalty points from other programmes into GrabReward Points? Now, those other points will not go to waste! But why should you convert your points? Here’s why:

  • There are a lot more rewards that you can redeem from the GrabRewards catalogue.
  • The conversion process is quick and easy.
  • Your newly converted points can be used to offset future transactions on the Grab app.

The steps are fairly simple, too. Just make sure you’ve linked your Grab account to the partner’s account. For now, they’ve got Qatar Airways as their programme partner but they’re also looking forward to adding new partners soon so make sure you stay tuned for that!


7. Earn rewards by watching ads within the Grab app feed

Image From Ios 22 1

This is probably a tip that most people didn’t know. The next time you receive an ad while browsing in the Grab app, don’t skip it! Watching those ads by Celcom, University Teknologi Petronas, Mister Potato and more in full could actually earn you some extra GrabRewards Points too. Yay, freebies!

And there you have it! Don’t you think it’s a lot more rewarding to utilise your GrabPay Wallet when shopping? Plus, these GrabRewards Points could equal real money on the app as you can redeem them to get other rewards and savings. It truly is the smarter way to shop.

So what are you waiting for, guys? Download the Grab app today and start spending your way to better savings! You can download Grab for FREE via the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery.


Do you have other tips on how to maximise your GrabPay Wallet savings? Share with us below!

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Source: Grab
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