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Sabahans “Report” Directly to Agong & Queen About Worsening Road Conditions, Queen Actually Takes Note!


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Source: TikTok | kibottnavara76

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Consider yourself lucky if you get to meet with the King & Queen of Malaysia personally. Even if you don’t get to speak to them personally, the feeling of being able to get up close and personal with royalty makes it 1 of the biggest highlights of your life.

The people in Sabah recently had the luxury to personally meet the King & Queen, who were both in the car leaving the “Borneo Expedition” in Sandakan. The people were excited to meet the rulers of the country but they had something else in mind. In a TikTok clip shared by @kibottnavara76, some of the residents took the opportunity to tell the Queen about something that has been bothering them for decades…

The road condition.

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The crowd was surrounding the King’s vehicle in hopes that they would listen to their rants about the worsening road condition. Lucky for them, the Queen patiently listened to the complaints and she even took out a notebook to write down the names of the affected roads.

The Queen did not abandon the people’s needs even when she was comfortable seated in the car.

“Let me write down the names of the roads.”

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Before Agong drove away, some people managed to shake and kiss the Queen’s hand as a token of appreciation.

Just today (September 5), not long after the TikTok clip went viral, the Ministry of Works in Sabah posted a couple of updates on its Facebook page and said that certain roads have been closed for maintenance works.

You can watch the viral clip below.


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We do hope that the road condition at certain areas in Sabah will improve soon. Everyone deserves to be safe and a peace of mind.


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