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There Is A Real Religion That Worships A Flying Spaghetti Monster


Flying Spaghetti Monster

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Known as Pastafarianism, the religion has a supreme deity which is the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM).



It was said that Pastafarianism was created by Bobby Henderson in 2005 by a satirical open letter to protest against the Kansas state Board of Education’s decision to permit teaching Intelligent Design as an alternative to science classes in public schools. After Bobby published the letter on his website, it quickly became an internet phenomenon.

It is stated in its website, that Pastafarianism existed thousands of years ago. There are followers that believe so, and others that believe its satirical existence.



1. The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is the supreme diety. It is responsible of the world’s existence, creating it in 4 days, then resting for 3. He is an invisible being that takes the form of a clump of spaghetti with two meatballs and a pair of eyes.



2. Pirates are viewed as holy beings.

They help against global warming and natural disasters. Like pirates, Pastafarians enjoy beer.



3. Pastafarian emphasize being laid back and relaxed.


There are no strict rules to abide by and any opinion of views are welcomed. When becoming a Pastafarian, you don’t have to leave your existing religion.



1. The 8 condiments

2. Prayer

It is done whenever you feel like it. Just be sure end it with “Ramen”


3. Wearing a spaghetti strainer on your head


You are legally allowed to wear one during shoots for your drivers license or Identity Card because it is part of the religion. Cool, I know.



1. Fridays


Known as sabbeth day, it has no specific ritual but Pastafarians may celebrate by drinking beer and relaxing.


2. Ramendan

A month of sacrifice where only pasta and noodles are consumed after sundown. The date differs from year to year.


3. Pastover

Pastafarian celebrate this holiday by eating (yes, you guessed it), pasta, dressing up as pirates, and participating in a ritual of eye patch passing.


If out would like to know more about Pastafarianism, visit their website here.




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