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Queen ‘Adopts’ Sarawakian Girl With Werewolf Syndrome, Will Provide for Her Treatments & Education


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Source: Kak Na | Facebook & Istana Negara | Instagram

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Back in September, our Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, visited Sarawak where Her Majesty fell in love with a toddler born with congenital generalised hypertrichosis, which is more commonly known as ‘werewolf syndrome’.

Girl 1

This means that the little 2-year-old girl, Missclyen Roland, has to endure excessive facial and upper body hair, and she was also born without nostrils.


Considering that her parents have been struggling to make ends meet, the Raja Permaisuri Agong has officially stepped in to ‘adopt’ the girl and will be providing for her education and medical expenses, as shared by Missclyen’s mother, Kak Na.

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Kak Na wrote, “It feels like a dream. Your father told me the news and proceeded to send me the letter. After I read it, to my surprise, it was a letter of adoption from the Queen! You are so lucky, daughter.”


In the letter from the Istana Negara, the Raja Permaisuri Agong shared her intention to ‘adopt’ Missclyen by assisting with her education and medical expenses.

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“Her Majesty intends to adopt Missclyen. In relation to this, Her Majesty will provide for her expenses through you as her guardian for the use of Missclyen’s schooling. Besides that, Her Majesty will bear the expenses to treat the Hypertrichosis or werewolf syndrome that she is facing.”

“Her Majesty hopes that, with this help, Her Majesty can lighten your burdens and help in caring for and raising Missclyen,” the letter read.


We’re so happy to see her family receiving much needed assistance in caring for their very special daughter. Long live the Queen for Her Majesty’s kind heart and generosity.

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Source: Kak Na
Source: Kak Na

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